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How to remove static aircraft in Zurich V2.0

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Just bought Zurich V2.0 and found in the documentation I need to tune a certain freq on NAV1 to make the static models disappear. Since I do all my flying online on Vatsim I never want any static models for any of my airports and for my NAV radios, I rather use them for real stuff such as tuning the ILS 🙂


Is there any other way I can get rid of the static models permanently?

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That should be a legacy description. Nowadays it should work when you deselect 'draw static aircraft' in the graphic settings. 

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Well, it's in the manual that comes with the product and I bought it yesterday but that's great news.


Will try it out later today hopefully.



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I can now confirm what you say - unchecking/checking the draw static aircraft box will hide/show static aircraft.


Brilliant and just the way it should be!


Thanks 🙂

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