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MCDU: Flight planning

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In the step by step tutorial flight is only a preset company route used.

Is there a more detailed description to create an individual flight plan using the MCDU, like i.e. PMDG uses for their Boeings?

Are you able to add some of this docs in an update or do you know some external sources, describing this for the Airbus MCDU?



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Bernd, you can not "create" a flightplan with the MCDU. A flightplan is always made with a flightplanning tool which exports the flightplan and which then can be loaded via the MCDU. If the flightplanning tool doesnt offer any export functionality, it will at least generate a route string like this:

And this string is exactly entered es explained at the end of the step-by-step guide, which means a bit more in detail:

- you enter the departure airport EDDM

- then you choose a departure runway depending on the weather conditions

- then from this rwy you choose a SID that takes you to your first waypoint MERSI

- then you enter the Airway Y100

- next wpt ATMAX and so on, with some DCTs in between instead of airways

- at the end you choose an rwy at the arrival airport and a STAR and/or transition for the choosen rwy. in some cases there are no STARs/TRANs that lead you directly to the rwy, as they are e.g. Vector approaches where ATC guides you.

What you can do at the end is to store such a flighplan via MCDU as a company route, but it will be stored without departure and arival procedures (as in real life).

Addittionally you can use the Company Route Editor "CORTE" that comes with your Airbus (thx to "Captain Pero") to create a company route from a route string.

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