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  1. I tried today to recreate my flight MKJS-TNCM at the point where the A320 had the total loss of power. I booted the PC up and started P3Dv4.3 as usual by loading the autosaved situation shortly before the power loss (enroute, app. 28000 feet on descent, flightplan powermanaged by AP, ATHR, FD, flight time app. 1:50 h). Total power loss and all displays dark (as described) after 1 minute, plane goes in powerless descent, exterior view shows turbine blades are only rotating in "idle", no jet sound. pushing buttons and switches no effect, no activation of gear, spoilers, elevators etc., no nav lights or strobes like there is absolutely no electric or hydraulic power. The MDCU 3 is mostly greyed out, no change of state or other action possible. After the plane crashes in the sea and bounces back (2 times) suddenly jet engines start running and the AP Display (FDU?) lights up again, PDF, ND and EICAS displays stay still dark. Throttle input is possible. After app. 30 seconds I stopped the simulation. I hope this description gives some hint what could be wrong. Bernd
  2. Add to my post after reading others: have no ezdock but Saitek X52. but even haven't ouched the stick when the problem happened on the managed descent. Thanks, Bernd
  3. I reported a similar situation in the general discussion a few days ago, with total power loss and dark cockpit displays on managed flight MKJS-TNCM in the phase of starting descent. I tried to replicate this today again with the same managed flight on A320 and made sure that more than enough fuel was on board. It happened again on descent after app. 2 h flight time at altitude of ca. 30000 feet. Again total loss of power and displays as described before. Recovered the situation by Autosave, everything working at app. 2 minutes before failure, I got out of managed flight to hand flying, AP, ATHR etc. off. At the same time of the saved flight the power loss etc. happened. What is the problem or solution?
  4. Thank you Herman, to add to my description: only the battery display in overhead was showing, the 3. MDCU was greyed out for the aircraft state and no input or changes possible, the plane felt like it was "flying" with complete loss of power and electric powers. outside view showed descent without engines running. Practically a total loss of power. Anybody with the same experience? Thank you, Bernd
  5. Flying in managed flightplan MKJS/TNCM (finally worked it out how to program) after 2/3 of the flight, 40 miles before descent suddenly the captains table opened by itself and a few moments later all displays and functions were getting dark, no recovery possible. I reloaded the scenario by autosave for a few minutes before and it reloaded the scenario working but shortly again everything went dark. I have experienced this some days ago but then thought it was because I was running out of fuel (but got no warning or indication of no fuel). Any suggestion? Thanks, Bernd
  6. In the step by step tutorial flight is only a preset company route used. Is there a more detailed description to create an individual flight plan using the MCDU, like i.e. PMDG uses for their Boeings? Are you able to add some of this docs in an update or do you know some external sources, describing this for the Airbus MCDU? Thanks, Bernd
  7. Mopperle, thank you for your quick response and try to help. The following is more a comment to Mathijs Kok: the many customer struggling with the right initialision of the A320/321 Prof and that the subject is "pinned" shows me that the problem lies more at Aerosoft than LM. Other supplier like Quality Wings, Carenado or PMDG have obviously less or no difficulties to adapt their Addon to the P3Dv4.3 code. Asking your CUSTOMER to reinstall the sim and over time lots of addons to make your addon working is quite a challenge (to express it friendly). You should review and update your product to make it workable and not hand the task to the user who has not the knowledge of programmers. After this experience I will not install your product until I get notification of fixing the problems by your company, Aerosoft. Unfortunately not too impressed, Bernd
  8. Can I just do a repair of P3Dv4.3 or a complete new install? What would happen on new install with custom addons like FSDT, Carenado planes and others within the sim? Will I lose them and have to reinstall. The same with ORBX, is it lost and needs reinstall? Thankful for some advice. Bernd
  9. Downloaded the A320/321 Prof, version 1.2 on Prepar3v4.3 and have same problems as described: St. Elmo on windshield, all PDF, ND, EICAS and other gauges don't display, Battery shows 0.0, the 3. MDCU is greyed out, can't access or change of state of aircraft, ground service etc. Outside view, the textures for turbine blades are missing. The aircraft: no engines running, parking brake set etc. I had this issue already with the 1. installation before the update to version 1.2. Have tried several times to make clean reinstall. A320/321 for FSX works fine. This is very frustrating and annoying! Don't have this installation problem with Qualitywings 787 or Carenado for P3v4.3. Any ideas for a solution? Regards, Bernd
  10. abic

    Mallorca X

    Thank you Shawn for the immediate reply! I switched off the shadow and the AI are there! Too bad that I loose the shadows of my plane too. Is there any trick to avoid this? Regards Bernd
  11. abic

    Mallorca X

    I just bought the Mallorca X and experienced that the AI are missing on LEPA in FSX. AI shows with the same Addon in FS9. I need some advise for that. I read a missing AFD folder in Aerosoft-folder but don't see such folder neither in FSx or FS9. I have already tried to reinstall Mallorca X in FSX but no change. I find a AFX_lepa_09.bgl file in the scenery folder which is apparently the AFCAD-file but it doesn't seem to work. Thank you for any solution
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