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Interaction with flight personnel

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Hi I'm really enjoying the new airbus professional.
I saw that when the hostess intercom in the cabin I can open the door with the appropriate button.
But I heard during the flight a voice that said if I wanted more coffee. How can I answer.
And then I wanted to know all the other functions with flight attendants etc.

Or call the flight attendants



Villi Francesco

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There is no way to answer per se, but if you open the door you'll get the coffee.  If you don't open the door, you won't.


Best wishes and Happy Flights my friend.



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21 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:



Non c'è modo di rispondere di per sé, ma se apri la porta ti prendi il caffè. Se non apri la porta, non lo farai.


I migliori auguri e Happy Flights amico mio.



Thank You

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