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Logo Light Issue

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Hey, I use P3dv4.3 new a320/a321 product


I've noticed that logo light will turn off automatically just after the aircraft leaves the ground. as well as while climbing, cruising and descending. It will turn on again just before touching the ground for landing.


Is there any modeling issue here or this the reality ??


Here is a photo to explain







aerosoft a320.png

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In reality, the pilot or co-pilot can switch the logo light on and off himself.
Unfortunately this function was not implemented.
I think at the moment the logo light is connected to the landing gear.
In other words, as long as the landing gear is extended, the logo light also lights up.


Maybe aeroSOFT will fixture that again.
Greetings, Pat


but what I noticed with your picture is that something doesn't seem to work with the texture. The plane looks so unspeakably dark.

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GWI-Berlin Thank you for the answer

I use tomato shade addon with the dynamic light feature in p3d. This is might be the cause for the dark look

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Here is the info for the LogoLights from


„There are logo lights  in the upper surface of each horizontal stabilizer. These lights provide lighting for the company logo on the vertical stabilizer provided the main landing gear is compressed, or depending on the aircraft configuration, when flaps are extended (at least 15° on some aircraft) or slats are extended.“

Of course the nav&logo sw has to be in pos 1 or 2.

We modeled the gear compressed configuration. So all is fine.

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