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FSUIPC and LUA use

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SOS...I've had Aerosoft F14 extended for a while now and I have yet to figure out how load the lua script to load and control my aircraft. I have done as far as page 23 Volume 3 of the manual. What do I still have to do?

I am a dummy as far as lua scripting is concerned. Can somebody help...please

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The LUA script should automatically be loaded as long as the F-14X has been installed correctly and you are using a registered version of FSUIPC.


Which simulator are you using?


Volume 3, page 23 is the correct place in the manual  on how to assign the functions to joystick buttons and switches using the LUA and FSUIPC, so you are on the right path. 


Let's start simple. Which function would you like to assign?

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  • evvatc
  • It appears to have loaded correctly and  see the Aerosoft_F14AB.lua in the FSX module folder and I do have a registered version of FSUIPC ver 4.XXX
  • My simulator is FSX Accelerated
  • I am a complete noob with lua scripting however I'm pretty handy with computer programming. I guess if you can show me how to use Aerosoft_F14AB.lua with my HOTAS Cougar perhaps start me off with an axis (aileron ?) and a button (tailhook?) I should be able to find my way around with the rest and get some lua education...Thanks

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 Here's a link to a PDF that has step by step instructions on how to assign functions to an axis, button or switches.  




Here’s a video that may be easier to understand



Once you learn how to assign a command to a button, it's pretty simple to assign a LUA specific function.   You follow the same steps as assigning an FS Control to a button but in the drop down box you select the Aerosoft_F14AB.lua instead of a FS Control. In the parameter box, use the number that corresponds to the F-14 function you want to assign.  These are found in volume 3 of the manual, starting on page 23 on your original post.



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Great tutorial video, these lua scripts does not seem to work for example if I want to "WING SWEEP ROCKER (FWD)", I assign that to Btn#19  select "Lua Aerosoft F14AB" in the drop down leaving Select "FS Control Box" checked. at this point if I click OK I should be able to the wing forward if I press Btn# 19 with parameters set at 3 and 5. I am not seeing any movement on the wings. Also another issue I'm seeing is as soon as the F14 aircraft loads there is this blinking circle at the cursor that shows up. Any ideas? Thanks again  

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Just making sure this is what you're FSUIPC assignment looks like?




I'm not sure about the blinking circle, I don't recall hearing about this issue before.  Just trying to eliminate the obvious, but are using the correct version of F-14 Extended?  There are separate downloads depending on which simulator your using. V2.02 for FSX Accel/Stream and V3.00 for P3D users.

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