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  1. Here's a link to a similar issue that was solved with installing/reinstalling simconnect. I believe there are 3 different versions of simconnect, but the proper one is needed for the Aerosoft Tomcat to function correctly.
  2. Seahawk60, In the payload manager for the Tomcat (Shift-2), under the Controls tab, check and make sure that the Alternate Throttle Input is selected.
  3. Just making sure this is what you're FSUIPC assignment looks like? I'm not sure about the blinking circle, I don't recall hearing about this issue before. Just trying to eliminate the obvious, but are using the correct version of F-14 Extended? There are separate downloads depending on which simulator your using. V2.02 for FSX Accel/Stream and V3.00 for P3D users.
  4. weasel, Here's a link to a PDF that has step by step instructions on how to assign functions to an axis, button or switches.;topic=1760.0;attach=2601 Here’s a video that may be easier to understand Once you learn how to assign a command to a button, it's pretty simple to assign a LUA specific function. You follow the same steps as assigning an FS Control to a button but in the drop down box you select the Aerosoft_F14AB.lua instead of a FS Control. In the parameter box, use the number that corresponds to the F-14 function you want to assign. These are found in volume 3 of the manual, starting on page 23 on your original post.
  5. Weasel2, The LUA script should automatically be loaded as long as the F-14X has been installed correctly and you are using a registered version of FSUIPC. Which simulator are you using? Volume 3, page 23 is the correct place in the manual on how to assign the functions to joystick buttons and switches using the LUA and FSUIPC, so you are on the right path. Let's start simple. Which function would you like to assign?
  6. evvatc


    Victory are you experiencing pauses when using FSUIPC functions as well? I rolled back to an earlier version of FSUIPC to correct the issue.
  7. evvatc


    Burns, here is a link to a forum talking about pauses with FSUIPC. I recall my experience was like yours, the sim would pause only when using FSUIPC assigned button functions specific to a LUA script. I rolled back to version 5.102a and that took care of the pauses that I was seeing.
  8. evvatc


    What sim and which version of FSUIPC are you using? I seem to recall having this issue in P3D v4~4.2 and rolling back to an earlier version of FSUIPC took care of it. It might be worth a try.
  9. It's great seeing the Tomcat is still getting some love with the repaints. I was going through all the repaints that I could find and noticed that it appears all the active duty squadrons are represented but there seems to be some reserve squadrons missing. VF-201 and VF-191 are represented with repaints but VF-202, 301 and 302 appear to have fallen through the cracks. It would be great to see these squadrons finish out the line up. Has anyone seen any repaints for 202, 301 or 301?
  10. Try kneeling the nose strut, which will drop the launch bar, prior to arming the take-off assist.
  11. Just to clarify, which version of the F-14X (v2.02 or v3?) are you using and on what platform(FSX Accel, Steam, P3D)?
  12. JWilder, Maybe this previous post can help.
  13. Mathijs, thank you, the last cab file took care of the gear warning tone.
  14. Mathijs the readme shows 1.21 and the new cab file seemed to help the flaps and landing gear transition sounds but the gear warning alarm is still distorted.
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