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  1. Here's a link to a similar issue that was solved with installing/reinstalling simconnect. I believe there are 3 different versions of simconnect, but the proper one is needed for the Aerosoft Tomcat to function correctly.
  2. Seahawk60, In the payload manager for the Tomcat (Shift-2), under the Controls tab, check and make sure that the Alternate Throttle Input is selected.
  3. It's great seeing the Tomcat is still getting some love with the repaints. I was going through all the repaints that I could find and noticed that it appears all the active duty squadrons are represented but there seems to be some reserve squadrons missing. VF-201 and VF-191 are represented with repaints but VF-202, 301 and 302 appear to have fallen through the cracks. It would be great to see these squadrons finish out the line up. Has anyone seen any repaints for 202, 301 or 301?
  4. Nickle106 on the line at Miramar My favorite Tomcat, BuNo 162703, Gypsy110 at Oceana.
  5. To quote vf103 earlier in this thread, I'm better at flying them then taking screen shots but here's one from me... Nikel106 over Key West during an ACM/BFM Det.
  6. Kasatka, the last one looks like areal photograph!
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