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    • Sound simple but have you tried tuning the radios to another frequency?
    • That just makes very little sense as the state solidly forces all systems in one setting, We have no idea why on your system this is overwritten by something else.   As we have never seen this before, is there anybody else who can confirm this issue?
    • Please do, any information on these more elusive issues helps us.
    • It's complex, with many conflicting points of view.    We have asked one of our advising pilots do so a recording with a calibrated recording device. The problem is that what is recorded does not sound at all what YT videos include. And the fact that what many people expect to hear is a 2005 Airbus and not the more modern ones we are modeling,  Our problem is if we want to do what people expect or what is what we recorded. There is no good answer to that as no matter what we do people will be upset.   It all reminds me of the F-16 project where we had an actual very high-end recording of what the pilot heard. Small microphones inside the headset. Costs a small fortune to set that up. It was simply near perfect. Confirmed by 5 viperdrivers. Customers hated it as they could not hear the engines loud enough. So we dropped the whole sound set and made a rather silly one from the external sounds as if the pilot did not have a massive helmet with 6 cm of noise protection. Customers loved it.    It learned us that realism is relative. That why you hear the gear and flaps in every add-on I know. 
    • tjf4375, here's Mathijs' post about the A330 forum. It's the notice as well as the reason, so you have the whole picture. Just to be clear, it's simply locked.  So you can still find information, just recently posted for example, about progress.   Thanks for your support.👍