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Issue Reporting (Helping us to Help You)

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My Friends and Fellow Fight Simmers,


Since we have so many different variants of the Airbus, and each variant comes with different software, it would be enormously helpful to us if you would include as much of the below information with any issue reports.


We realize at first glance it may seem like a lot of information (it's not nearly as much as it first seems), but the alternative is to go back and forth through forum posts to get this information and that takes a lot of time and causes delays in our helping you! 


I'm betting there are more people like me who would much rather spend a little extra time at the beginning when reporting a problem than wait days to have someone answer my posts with more questions when what I'm really looking for is a answer!


1.   Windows Version.

2.   Windows Updates Turned On?

3.   Simulator Version (FSX, FSX Deluxe, FSX Acceleration, FSX Steam (SE), P3DVx.x)

4.   NavData Product and Cycle (Example: NavDataPro Cycle 1806).

5.   Version of the Airbus (Example: 1.0.0,1).

6.   Download and take a screen shot of the .net (Dot Net) Tool located HERE.

7.   Please download, unzip and run the ASVersionInfo.zip tool (attached to this post) and either copy and past or take a screen shot of the results and include them in your report.

8.   Airbus Type (A318, A319, etc.).

9.   Engine Type (CFM, IAE). Please include livery if the issue involves aircraft external graphics.

10. If the issue involves P3D, please tell us if you've installed all four (4) legacy versions of SimConnect (see footnotes on this page).

11.  If the issue involved in flight plan, then please include the complete flight plan including the departure and arrival airports.

12.  At which point of operation/flight did you experience this issue.

13.  Description of what you experienced.

14.  Screen shots of the Fuel Planner Page (if used for the flight) and MCDU3 Fuel Page.  If you use third party software for the Fuel and Loadout then please provide screen shots of those pages.

15.  Screen shots of the following Displays:  PFD, ND, ECAM, MCDU INIT Pages (all of them please), MCDU Performance Pages, and if the issue involved the flight plan then please include all MCDU Flight Plan pages.

16. Link to any video you might have showing the issue.

17. Anything else you believe is relevant to the issue.


We realize this requires a little extra effort on your part, but it will go a long way to helping us resolve reported issues, especially since it's often difficult for us to reproduce issues.


Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to report issues to us!




A. Lockheed Martin included the legacy SimConnect versions with P3D.  You will find them in your main P3D folder in the Redist\Interface folder.


Screenshot - 8_28_2018 , 7_09_37 PM.png


Screenshot - 8_28_2018 , 7_13_53 PM.png

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