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Zurich v2 orthophotos

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when using Zurich my orthophoto tile for that area is overriden. Is there a way to either use my ortho’s only or a combination of both?



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My scenery sequence is:

Aerosoft LSZH Airport Zurich v2.0 a

” b

” c





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A possibility is to move only the part "Aerosoft LSZH Airport Zurich V2.0 c" with the scenery_packs.ini to the end of this ini file.

Part c is the mesh folder (and all sceneries behind a mesh, x-plane will not see...).

But if you have any "global" mesh (like AlpilotX Meshes...) installed, then the zurich mesh must positioned above the global mesh sceneries.

So Part c must positioned in the scenery_packs.ini behind your Ortho4XP textures.

Then the nearby airports , Orthos ...  are ok... 


Please see here too. Its an older post, but will work with XP11 too.


Greets Heinz

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Many thanks, Heinz, for your quick reply.

Your suggestion worked fine for me. I am glad I finally asked and sorted out my home base :)




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