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Gear down sound & lights


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Hi Guys,


I have search but couldn't see anything else like this, and not even sure if this is the correct area of the forum...


Anyway - when on approach I select gear down and the matching sound starts (wind hitting the gear) if that makes sense... this woooshing sound continues after I land till about 5-10kts on the ground and is really noticeable, dont thing the old version did this. 


Also, landing / taxi lights are on and visible from outside the a/c but not visible on the ground. 


PS - loving it! 





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That sound problem is the same for me too. I found out how it happens. When I taxi above 20 knts the sound comes, apply the brakes - sound goes. That's the same sound that comes when the gear is extended and until the aircraft comes to a slow stop it goes. The sound is a wee bit too loud though (not when it's being put down, but when taxiing).


Overall I try to ignore this sound, and enjoy the product! :) 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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