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"Slow" speed on Descent

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On the tutorial flight from EDDF to EGLL the descent started fine, but early in the descent the plane reduced to 208'ish (way before needing to reduce to 250 at 10K). The enclosed screen shot is at +FL130, but at that time it had already been at the deduced speed for some time. I tried to look for the cause of this slow descent speed (being new to Airbus), but did not find the smoking gun !?




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Looking at the screen shot ... Did I simply forget pressing "Activate Appr Phase" ?

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I haven't flown that route for a while anymore, but the airspace around EGLL is full of contraints. ND should have displayed something like that earlier if that was the reason.


About the approach phase: usually you don't need to do that manually if your flight path brings you above the "D" (deceleration point), which it does in this case. So by overflying it the approach phase starts automatically. If ATC would direct you somewhere else you might miss the deceleration point and then you have to activate the approach phase manually.


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