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Mathijs Kok

Modelling, texturing, animation

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The VC is completely redone to the latest ideas and standards. This resulted in 25% more details and a 29% reduction in vertices making the aircraft easier on computer resources. The flight deck is modelled as the major airlines fly it at this moment. There are many new animations, from less important stuff to exciting new things like a fully functioning printer. During your flight you will see many things change on the flight deck to simulate it being a working environment for the crew and not a lifeless background for your flights. New in this versions are additional annunciator options and the Oxygen mask case. Also the cockpit door procedures (with door camera etc) is fully simulated. All colours used have been selected based on color corrected imagery from real flight decks.


We included TrueGlass so you have full rain and fog effects and RealLight to make all 22 light sources dimmable.



The exterior of the aircraft has stayed almost exactly the same. We did this because we felt if is still highly up tot date and we have not seen a better Airbus model for the sim yet. Of course the new simulator functions with better lighting are fully supported. But mainly we did this because we have close to 1500 (!) liveries available

New models have been added that include the satellite connection domes as they appear on more and more aircraft (ugly....) 


All files are compiled with the latest P3D V4.3 compilers that guarantee the best possible performance.












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