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I have just planned a flight using PFPX from EGGD Bristol to EGJJ Jersey in the PMDG737. PFPX has given me a cruise flight level of FL270 (ZFW is 126196). When I input FL270 into ACT PERF INIT 1/2 I get the message UNABLE CRZ ALT which is not too surprising as the Trip level only shows FL218. Have I done something stupid or is there something wrong in PFPX such that it has given me a unachievable FL? Any advice would be appreciated.

Regards Colin

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The cruising levels PFPX gives you are a bit off sometimes, that's what I experience with other aircraft atleast. 


However, are you using the default performance profile for the 737? If yes, you might try out one of these as well:

Not sure if this solves the problem, but as these performance profiles are more accurate it's definitely worth a try.

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