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Mathijs Kok

Want to make a voice set?

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Should you want to create a voice set and upload it here follow these guidelines.


Balance (left/right): The PF voice ideally should have an 85/15 balance between the two stereo channels. The PNF (PM) is best with a 20/80 balance. That way you hear the voice coming from the most logical locations.

Volume: Check the volume of the default files, try to get as close as possible.

Format: Wav, stereo, 32 bit, 44100 Hz

Set: The voice set should contain the complete set of PF, or PNF (PM) or Ground. You will recognize that from the file names. Do NOT merge two sets.

Naming: The zip should be called PF_name of author etc. So or When uploading make sure you inform the downloader what it is. So for example that the ground crew has a French accent and is best used for users who fly a lot in France. Do note that the ground sounds are not automatically selected by region. Perhaps later. The sound files themselves HAVE to be named as the attached document instructs.


Upload the zipped file to our download section (I will provide a direct link next week) and make an announcement here. 

PF-PnF-GND-Calls (1).pdf



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