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Mathijs Kok

Barcelona Professional updated to 1.10

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Note, new download name:  AS_BARCELONA-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV4.zip




1.00       Release Version

1.01       - Using "HDR" in P3DV4 caused the apron lights and light effects at the lightpoles to appear too bright. This was caused by a wrong bloom

                material flag and is now solved. Anyway, please don´t use HDR brightness values above 1.2 as it could again turn too bright and is not recommended

                - Texture of "AIDA" ship had no mip-maps. Solved

                - Green Taxiwaylights corrected (sometimes Z-order was incorrect)

1.10    Switch to Add-on.xml activation

                - new Config Tool

                - minor Bugfixes

                - Added Parkingpositions and Taxiways in Afcad of Sabadell (LELL)

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