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Airbus never reaches Mach Cruising speed

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Hi All,


Ever since I installed my airbus a320_321 x on a brand new PC with FSX Steam, the airbus reaches cruise Alt of say 35,000 ft but the Mach speed on the PFD never seems to show


What this means is that the airbus takes about 3 hours to do a 1:45min flight


I set a cost index of 80


I see the usual speed pickup at 10,000ft but not enough that the airbus ever flies fast enough to show it's Mach speed


I've spent countless hours on this, I've even gone back to the Aerosoft manual to ensure my new install matched the recommended setting but couldn't find anything I am doing wrong


This used to work perfectly on the my old PC (as it does for hopefully everyone) but not on this install, is there anything I am missing?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance,



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Can you try altering the CI (Cost Index) and check you have no interferance drag (Gear, Spoilers etc...)

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