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FMS Editing STAR sends the aircraft back to initial point

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Just reporting this incidence for the devs. I was flying KITH to KDTW. The Route was BUF SPICA2. I did not know what DTW runway so I left it blank. After passing BUF, I looked at the ATIS for DTW and determined north runway ops. I entered 03R and BRDER as the IAF in the FMS for the SPICA2 STAR and hit EXEC. I was in NAV mode and had already passed BUF.  As soon as I hit EXEC, the aircraft started turning around and heading back to BUF.  I immediately caught it and his in the FMS DIRECT SPICA and the aircraft turned back to the waypoint it was already headed too.  


Just wanted to report this incidence.


Also, still tweaking the throttle at cruise.  When I set it at 79% or so the aircraft a FL340 wants to slow to 240KIAS (Mach 0.68). When I set it at 81% or so, it wants to increase to Mach 0.75. Will have to monitor the whole flight from now on.


Great product by the way. Still learning it and enjoying!

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