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Mathijs Kok

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A Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800, registration LN-DYE performing flight DY-1156 from Oslo (Norway) to Munich (Germany), was climbing through FL330 out of Oslo when the crew decided to stop the climb and return to Oslo due to the toilets on board not working. The aircraft landed safely back in Oslo about 62 minutes after departure.

The aircraft was carrying 84 plumbers amongst the passengers, of those plumbers 65 were employees of one Norwegian company. The chairman of that company told Norwegian media, his staff would have loved to fix the toilets in flight, however, this would have required to access the lavatories from the outside of the aircraft and they didn't take the opportunity to send somebody outside the aircraft at 10,000 meters of altitude.

The aircraft was serviced after landing back in Oslo, departed again as flight DY-8406 and reached Munich with a delay of 3.5 hours.



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