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Mathijs Kok


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Everyone put forth a huge effort in this, so it is very difficult to make a choice.


In the modern class:

Honorable mention to MarkHurst-Almost Aviator

He had great videos. His simulator rig was incredible. I felt like I was sitting in a real aircraft watching over his shoulder as he conducted the flight. I am sad that he didn't get to finish.


Bear in mind, these contestants were only one or two points apart, yet they were about 10 points ahead of the average.


1. helikopeter

His planning was strong. The information and stories described the flight conditions well. The pictures were great, but the added movies and a splash of humor put him over the top.


2. Eric Lavorel

Again, the planning was very strong. Supporting information and stories supported the diary well. Added video put him one point ahead of #3.


3. DaveLTB

Excellent diary! The planning was superior. Supporting information and story was strong. Dave had a killer postcard collection.


In the vintage class:

This is very difficult because five of these were superior above all. This class was totally dominated by the guys flying Stratocruisers, Connie's, and DC-6's.


1. Jeff W


2. robertoizzo


3. MM


All three were one to two points apart. Their pictures and stories were great.


Honorable mention to Tobus and harry. They didn't make the three only because it couldn't be five and they lost the coin toss.


This was a great event. I look forward to the next time!


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Thanks for the #4 on your personal account, appreciated ;-)

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