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How to set/use the TCAS and Transponder?

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I'm a bit confused with the different modes on the TCAS in the Aerosoft Airbus. Firstly, what is the difference between TCAS and the Transponder? Are they controlled by the same knob? And the most important aspect, what are the differences in the modes such as Standby, TA/RA, TA Only, XPNDR, ALT RPTG Off? For normal flights in the Airbus, which modes do I need to be using?


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Any replies will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I'll try to make it simple and simplified:

Transponder and TCAS are combined in one. Mode selector gives the following:


STBY - stand by mode

ALT RPTG OFF - transponder transmits only selected CODE (NO mode C - NO altitude readout)

XPNDR - transponder transmits selected code and altitude 

TA ONLY - transponder transmits selected code and altitude and TCAS provides only Traffic Advisory (information on traffic in vicinity - "TRAFFIC!")

TA/RA - transponder transmits selected code and altitude and TCAS provides Traffic Advisory (information on traffic in vicinity) and Resolution Advisory (instructions for avoiding collision - "CLIMB!", "CLIMB NOW!", DESCEND!", "DESCEND NOW!")


Vertical mode selector:

ABV - select during CLIMB - TCAS scans 9900 ft above and 2700 ft below the aircraft

N - select during level flight - TCAS scans +/- 2700 ft

BLW - select during DESCENT - TCAS scans 2700 ft above and 9900 ft below the aircraft


You can find a lot of information on this topic on the net



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1 hour ago, Edwarx said:

In what situation would the "ALT RPTG OFF" be used?


If Air Traffic Control finds out that altitude readout displayed on Controller's Traffic display is incorrect, the pilot will be instructed to "Stop Squawk Charlie"  - to stop transmitting altitude information. Wrong altitude information could trigger false TCAS alerts for pilots and STCA (Short Term Conflict Alert) for Controllers. When altitude reporting is OFF, radar identification is maintained (squawk "CODE" is still transmitted) and radar separation can be applied.

I suppose there could be other uses, but just this one comes to my mind.

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