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  1. Ah right, thanks for the reply, that really cleared it up a lot! I was so confused as to why it had changed on its own! Many thanks!
  2. Hi there, Just a quick question today. I was flying on Vatsim today with the Aerosoft A320 and my original filed cruising altitude was FL230. Therefore, I was very confused when a controller told me to climb to FL350. I thought at first, hang on, my initial cruising altitude was FL230... But when I went to check that my cruise altitude on the INIT page of the MCDU was indeed FL230, I saw (I think it was on the PROG page) it was highlighted to me in orange text at the bottom 'NEW CRUISING ALTITUDE FL350. The new cruising altitude was also present on the INIT page. I was confused by this. If ATC changed my assigned cruising altitude, then how the the aircraft know to change that automatically in the MCDU? Sorry if this is a silly question, but it just left me confused!
  3. Thanks. That's cleared it up a bit. So from reading above, it seems that the only difference between the new 64 bit versions and the new 32 bit versions is the fact that you can install on as many sims as you have. Have I got this correct? @Mathijs Kok said this: 'For aircraft they basically ARE the same.' So aside from the fact you can do multiple installations in the 64 bit versions, I take it that the aircraft, cockpits etc. will be the same. Are there any small differences inside the cockpit? Any buttons, etc. the new 32 bit versions won't have?
  4. dgeddes

    My Steering Doesnt Work

    I'm not giving up on helping you yet mate! Are you flying with the keyboard controls? If so, we'll need to think about setting you up with a rudder axis with keys.
  5. Thanks for the reply Tom. So just to clear it up a bit for me, what exactly will be the difference between the new and upcoming Airbusses 64 bit versions and the new upcoming Airbusses 32 bit versions?
  6. Hang on, Sorry for perhaps not understanding earlier, but are the new upcoming 64 bit versions (A318/19/20/21) compatible with FSX or just P3D? I own FSX only but I want to get my hands on the 64 bit versions when they come out? Will the 64 bit versions work with FSX?
  7. dgeddes

    My Steering Doesnt Work

    Make sure you are using the rudder axis for steering on the ground. If you are trying to use the ailerons axis (that you would for banking left and right in the air), then no it's not going to work on the ground. Does your joystick have a twist axis? You can configure and set up your rudder axis in the FSX controls settings.
  8. Thanks for the reply? Please ensure this gets fixed, as for me it is the only bug I have ever experienced that causes a crash to desktop! Any ideas when the new update will be out? Also, just because we have not heard much regarding it's development recently, any ideas when the A330 is coming out?
  9. I'm a bit confused with the different modes on the TCAS in the Aerosoft Airbus. Firstly, what is the difference between TCAS and the Transponder? Are they controlled by the same knob? And the most important aspect, what are the differences in the modes such as Standby, TA/RA, TA Only, XPNDR, ALT RPTG Off? For normal flights in the Airbus, which modes do I need to be using? Any replies will be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. dgeddes

    Why does the A320/21 not say V1?

    Thanks for the reply! Any chance you could explain what the brake to vacate is? Indeed, I’ve also heard this (BTV thing) being said by the A380 pilots in videos online. Sorry, I’m starting to sound more and more hopeless!
  11. Just a general question that came to my mind. Does anyone know why when I watch videos online of the Airbus A380 when the pilots are accelerating down the runway, the computer voice speaks ‘V1’ but with the A320 family the ‘PNF’ actually speaks ‘V1’ themselves? This came to my mind when I realised that with my Aerosoft Airbus it is always the co-pilot that speaks ‘V1’ and not the computer voice like the A380. Anyone know why?
  12. I had a fatal error in my FSX today that was related to the Aerosoft Airbus A320/21! When I looked up the cause of the crash in Event Viewer, it was related to a .dll file called 'FMGS.dll. I was just wondering whether there is a fix for this? I have recently freshly reinstalled my Airbus A320/21 package, so I don't see anything could be wrong with the files. I have shown here the log from my Event Viewer as to the cause of the crash. Is this common with many other users and how can I fix it from crashing my FSX? Thanks for any help.
  13. dgeddes

    Airbus view panel not working when clicked?!

    I think I have about 4 additional liveries installed. What I am actually wondering is exactly how Mathijs is backing up all the liveries at once? There must be a way of doing it because he says you can use the livery manager to back them up. Also, will the reinstall reset all info in the Recorder Manager? Or is there there a way of backing up and restoring the info stored in the AS Recorder Manager? I just have hundreds of flight info there that would be lost. Thanks.
  14. dgeddes

    Airbus view panel not working when clicked?!

    Thanks Tom. I have read the page on the re-installation process. But I don't understand what it means by backing up my liveries. How do I do this? When I look in the livery manager, it appears that I have to back up every single livery one by one? What is the best way that you would go about doing this?
  15. I've just started having a small problem with the view panel for the cockpit of the Airbus A320/21. Whenever I click on the view for the left MCDU, nothing happens. This is really weird, it has just started happening. All the other views along the panel bar work fine, it is just this one view that is not responding when I click on it. It has become a bit of a pain because I have had to start using the ECAM view to get to the best view of the MCDU. The problem started after I installed the EzDok camera and then I uninstalled it again because I didn't like it. And don't worry I clicked on 'Revert aircraft CFG's before I uninstalled it. So I definitely uninstalled it correctly. Any idea what could be the problem with the view panel bar here? To me it seems just like a bug of some sort, because its really weird to have just one view on the Airbus view panel that won't switch when I click on it. I am really dreading having to perform a complete uninstall, so any help on this bug would be appreciated!