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"Conning" Around the World in 80 Days

China Dan

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I will fly the L1049G Super Constellation by CalClassics.

My route depicted by Great Circle Mapper.



From To Initial
Total: 18,061 nm
Average: 2,007 nm
9 segment path:
EGLL HECA 120° (SE) 120° (SE) 1,910 nm
HECA VABB 097° (E) 092° (E) 2,348 nm
VABB VHHH 078° (E) 078° (E) 2,311 nm
VHHH RJTY 053° (NE) 056° (NE) 1,554 nm
RJTY PADK 049° (NE) 056° (NE) 2,101 nm
PADK KSFO 089° (E) 084° (E) 2,409 nm
KSFO KJFK 070° (E) 056° (NE) 2,248 nm
KJFK BGBW 031° (NE) 044° (NE) 1,612 nm
BGBW EGLL 091° (E) 114° (SE) 1,574 nm
  18,061 nm
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After looking more closely at other flight plans, and studying the actual (rather indirect at times) route of Mr. Fogg, and also not being able to spend 6+ hours at a time on a flight, I've broken my route down into smaller pieces, and also redirected it to more closely follow the places Fogg visited.


New Great Circle Mapper Route


London to Suez

EGLL London, England to LIRF Rome, Italy to HEPS Port Said, Egypt.


Suez to Bombay

HEPS Port Said, Egypt to OERB Rabigh, Saudia Arabia to OYAA Aden, Yemen to OOMA Masira, Oman to VABB Mumbai (Bombay), India.  Aden is added since the map indicates Fogg stopped here enroute to Bombay.


Bombay to Calcutta

VABB Mumbai (Bombay), India to VECC Calcutta (Kolkata), India.


Calcutta to Hong Kong

VECC Calcutta (Kolkata), India to VYME Myeik, Myanmar to WIDD Batam, Indonesia to VVTH Tuyhoa, Vietnam to VHHH Hong Kong, China.  Batam is added because Fogg had to sail around the Indonesian peninsula.


Hong Kong to Yokohama

VHHH Hong Kong, China to ZSPD Shanghai, China to RJOM Matsuyama, Japan to RJAA Tokyo, Japan. Shanghai added for the stop Fogg made there.


Yokohama to San Francisco

RJAA Tokyo, Japan to RJCK Kushiro, Japan to UHPP Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia to PASY Shemya, Alaska to PACD Cold Bay, Alaska to PANC Anchorage, Alaska to PASI Sitka, Alaska to CYQQ Comox, Canada to KSFO San Francisco, CA, USA.


San Francisco to New York

KSFO San Francisco, CA, USA to KCYS Cheyenne, Wyoming to KSBN South Bend, Indiana to KISP Islip, Long Island, N.Y., USA.


New York to London

KISP Islip, Long Island, N.Y., USA to CYYT Saint Johns, Newfoundland to LPLA Lajes AB, Portugal to LEST Santiago, Spain to EGLL London, England.

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Section 1, Day 1.  Starting from London and making a stop in Rome on the way to Port Said.


Started off shortly after dawn.  VIPs aboard; not happy with the drizzle, but excited at teh beginning of their momentous trip.


About 2/3 of the way to Rome, and at FL190, we didn't clear the Alps but much.  The passengers were thrilled.



Arrived at Fiumicino airport in Rome a little after 9am.  Gave the passengers until 1:30pm to shop and have lunch...



Weather has been great so far, and it looks good for the flight this afternoon to Port Said.  More later...

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1 hour ago, Adriano72 said:

I'm on the Connie too! Yours look really gorgeous. I live in Rome so it was a pleasure to have a tea with you near Coliseum and chatting about the approaching adventure and how great our old birds are!


They do keep you busy for much of the flight, don't they?


I confess, I like flying ultra-modern too, but for this jaunt, I felt it had to be a beautiful classic! :D


But yeah, it was great sharing a cup while the VIPs did their thing.  See you in Bombay!

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I have a few other pilots comment favorably on the paint job... It was a bit of a "quickie", but it came out all right, I think.  Only got this beautiful bird restored and ready the day before we needed to be in London for this Phileas Fogg historic fictional tour.



Our flight from Rome to Port Said was uneventful.  Mostly over the Mediterranean, so there wasn't a lot to see.  Passengers drank and... well, discretion is our motto.


As expected, the sun was setting as we flew over Alexandria, and as we descended ESE towards Port Said, it fell fully dark.  Snapped this picture while back-taxiing at Port Said.



Now we have a week or so to relax.  The VIPs are going sailing and whatnot.  Hopefully a few other pilots will head over this way.  If not, we can always hop over to Cairo where I think most of them went and party for a while.  We'll see...

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