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RNAV Approaches

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Good Evening!


I have some questions regarding the simulation of RNAV approaches.


In the real world to check RAIM I go into INDEX | GPS CTL to verify RAIM. However, in the Aerosoft CRJ GPS CTL is not listed as an option. Is there another way to check RAIM?


During a real world RNAV approach I receive advisory VNAV guidance from:


1. MFD Window (with VNAV selected in the MFD menu

2. VNAV "Snowflake" (when enabled in the PERF menu)

3. DIR INTC page



In the Aerosoft CRJ I only receive advisory VNAV guidance on the DIR INTC page.


I believe I read in other posts that the "Snowflake" is simulated. However, it does not seem to appear for me. Is there another setting I am over looking?


Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions or if I can be of assistance in any way!


Thank you kindly,


- Audi2Audi.






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