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I am consistently being refused a succesful flight plan calculation on many long range routes because of the addition to the fuel requirement of a large RDSP ADD quantity.

I understand that redispatch is intended to reduce fuel requirement for a flight rather than increase it.

What does RDSP ADD mean and why is it being added to my calculations? :beatcomputer_s:

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Hi Christian,

I am trying to create an educational video demonstrating some of the latest simming software. An important element is, of course, to demonstrate ETOPS and redispatch during a long haul flight. So I am trying to establish an FP between YSSY and CYVR.

Without redispatch, the FP is created (see attached No redispatch.jpg). Specifying Auto redispatch (see Redispatch.jpg), the FP generation is always causing the msg 'Fuel required exceeds maximum fuel on board (145,538 kg) limited by Tank Capacity'.

I have always assumed that specifying redispatch would reduce the uplift. But by greatly reducing the payload, I can sometimes see that the Summary includes the item RDSP ADD with 20+ tonnes of additional fuel. Thus the error msg.

I have asked Stephen Cooke for help with resolving this problem but, without finding a single discrepancy in our planning numbers, he is able to create a valid FP (without a RDSP ADD quantity) while I am not.

His only unresolved query is whether there is more than a single version of a Microsoft redistributable that is causing our results differences.

Could you ensure that this problem is solved so that the video team can progress please?:D

No redispatch.jpg


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