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How to Switch to Navigraph?

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I managed by just using the Navigraph FMS data manager (you have to do a new scan for addon mappings)

When you see the Digital Aviation CRj 700/900 on your list, simply update the navdata.


Word of caution, first time I did this, the FMS in the CRJ complained it was unable to find "waypoints.txt".

If you have the same problems just go into

"....\Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V4\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\NavData" and check if the file is has a capital W in Waypoints. Just rename it to "waypoints.txt" if that is the case...


And don't forgot to backup your old cycle, just in case. :)

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Well I added it to the list for the FMS Data Manager and it still says DA world in the FMS. 

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