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Is there any realistic prospect of AES for P3D?

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I have at no point stated that I have bought Credits for anything other than FS9/FSX, and whilst Im aware that this is a P3d line its very difficult to Discuss it in any " Forum " as they are regualry closed due to your belief that there is nothing to be added. Im sorry but we are coming from totally different places with this discussion and whatever you say, I have bought credits upfront or in advance

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Even if you bought AES credits in advance, meaning having them already available the moment you need them to activate a newly bought airport, they are still AES credits for FS9 and FSX. That's exactly what you bought, nothing else! 


And at no point you were promised anything else. 

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9 hours ago, Hewey said:

I always feel Aerosoft miss the point with AES, most Customers have ALREADY bought the product by buying the credits in advance, thats whats unique about AES compared to other products. Surely you can see that 1) there is massive interest in AES due to how many people endlessly visit the forums to see if there has been an update and 2) The growing frustration of its Customers by the complete lack of info.  I know that RAy is a decent Bloke by his postings on this forum over YEARS and Im sure whatever has been said is due to complete Frustration at this topic which never goes away


  • You bought them for FSX and FS2004 not for P3D or for X-Plane or whatever other simulator
  • We did noever promise the codes would be usable in any other simulator, there was no false advertisement
  • The idea that this is 'just a product that can be ported over' is silly. It is based on some modules that were made by Maurizio, a guy who it took close to 10 years to get to that module. Maurizio is no longer available and does not maintain the code anymore. This means that it is incredibly difficult to port the code over, it interfaces with the sim in hundreds of undocumented ways. 
  • There have been several statements from Oliver and others, all of those are still valid. No promises have been made.

I am sorry that these basic facts are unacceptable for some people but there is not a lot we can do about that. I think we have explained this many times, always polite and always to the point. The fact we close these discussions sometimes is simply because we believe there is nothing that can be said that would anything to the discussion. It's our forum, our rules and our decision. This is not a 'public' forum where only standard moderation applies. These forums are part of our marketing and support efforts. There are dozens, if not hundreds of forums where you can discuss things without the limitations that apply here.


Until Oliver decides to make a statement this issue is closed for us. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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