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Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 updated to 2.11 

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Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 updated to 2.11 


2.11       Some Fixes in the AFCAD

                - Aivlasoft EFB was not able to select Runway 18 for Depature

                - Some Gates has a small offset from the centerline.

                - Stoplines and Gatelines in the south apron not displayed in P3D (FSX was not effected)

                - Wrong Taxiway Number on ground fixed

                - Excludes optimized to remove object of other addons


2.11       New AFCAD with

              - Optimized AI Traffic roll of Runway and Taxi to Gate handling

               - Runway 18 requestable from FS ATC for depature by User (AI Traffic not use it, limit by FS Engine)

               - Runway 07C/25C optional requestable for Landing for the User (AI Traffic only use 07L/25R and 07R/25L for Landing)

                  Approaches for GPS/RNAV requestable from ATC based on Airdac Cylce 1703 (ILS limited by FSEngine to VOR/NDB Startpoints)

              Minor Bug fixes, like "flying" Stopbars at the southend of RW18

              Wrong Taxiway Number on ground fixed

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