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Aerosoft - SIMstarter NG updated to version

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Aerosoft - SIMstarter NG is now updated to version 


SIMstarter NG Release Notes

--- 01.12.2016 - v1.4.0

[FEATURE]        Startposition    - Option to show Addon Airports only
[FEATURE]        Fileswitcher    - Switching files on/off. Especial for .BGL files. Fast and easy renaming of the file extention. 
                                  Including Presets of FTX GEN Germany, Simmershome, e.g.
[FEATURE]        DLL/EXE.XML        - (P3D only) Handling of both files (in ProgData and AppData) is possible now
[FEATURE]        DLL/EXE.XML        - AddOn Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red.
[FEATURE]        GoogleEarth        - GoogleEarth Settings can be reset to defaults. New reset button implemented.
[FEATURE]        Profiles        - Path of the Flightplans can be changed in Program settings now
[FEATURE]        RunManager        - Single RunItems can be disabled by Checkbox. They won't be started then.
[FEATURE]        RunManager        - Added <copy DIR> in Fileoperation. Possible to copy all files/subdirectories to a target folder
[FEATURE]        RunManager        - Path will be validated now. Missing files will be marked red
[FEATURE]        RunManager        - "Test" function for selected RunList Item
[FEATURE]        SimObjects MGR    - Path will be validated now. Missing folders will be marked red
[CHANGED]        GoogleEarth        - Export Settings will be stored platform specific. They won't be overwritten with the next NG update any more.
[CHANGED]        XML-Manager        - Clicking of Path Textbox opens file Dialog (much easier)
[CHANGED]        MakeRwys        - Water runways are showed as well
[CHANGED]        ORBX            - FTX Central V3 will be detected. ORBX Options of SIMstarter NG will be deactived in this case.
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig        - (P3D) wrong steps for MSAA setting (0,2,4,8 instead of 0,2,6,8)
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig        - (P3D) "BlackOut Desktop" hat wrong values
[BUGFIX]        SceneryMGR         - Remove a scenery shows wrong dialig (Yes, No is missing)
[BUGFIX]        SceneryMGR        - (FSX-SE) Path error if a native DLC Scenery has been installed
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - UTC checkbox loses checked state after reloading a profile
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - System Time checkbox did not work properly
[BUGFIX]        RunManager        - Changes are saved at the wrong cfgSet Title
[BUGFIX]        RunManager        - Save ConfigSet show a dialog
[BUGFIX]        Startposition    - Shows more Runways then available for the selected airport

--- 27.09.2016 - v1.3.0
[FEATURE]       PREPAR3D v3.4   - Support of PREPAR3D v3.4
[FEATURE]       ActiveSky 16    - Integration of Active Sky 2016
[FEATURE]       ActiveSky       - Kill program automaticly if AutoRun has been selected
[FEATURE]       Profiles        - Load newest Flightplan. Searches for the newest saved .pln file and loads it to the simulator
[FEATURE]       Profiles        - Select System time or UTC time
[FEATURE]       SimConfig       - Added "Enable Controllers" from Controls tab
[FEATURE]       AES             - (FSX/FSX-SE only) Support AutoResync of Airport Enhancement Services (AES)
[FEATURE]       RefreshAirports - New menu item to force the Airport Synchronisation (makeRwys.exe)
[FEATURE]       Metar/TAF       - URL is now customizable (in program settings)
[FEATURE]        Updater            - Improved Updater (makes further platform updates much easier)
[CHANGE]        Programsettings - Structure of the program settings has been changed
[CHANGE]        DebugPack       - Display a information banner that the debug pack will be created
[CHANGE]        General         - Saves "blank line" to seperate sections
[BUGFIX]        DesktopShortcut - Remove bad characters from profile name before creating the shortcut
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig       - P3Dv3.3 language error "EnableGesture" for GERMAN users :O)
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig       - "UseGlobalTerrainView" had wrong Section [SCENERY] instead of [TERRAIN] (for P3Dv2.4 - P3Dv3.3 users)
[BUGFIX]        SceneryMGR      - Add scenery causes NG to crash if AREA is without TITLE (very special case)
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig       - Value 4012 instead of 4096
[BUGFIX]        Metar/TAF       - Wrong ICAO causes dialog to crash 

--- 14.06.2016 - v1.2.0
[CHANGE]        ORBX            - Compatible with v2.1 of FTXcentral. Region switch will be disabled automaticly. Autodetection of migrated regions.
[FEATURE]        P3Dv3            - Compatible with v3.3 of PREPAR3D
[BUGFIX]        SceneryMGR        - Clicking "Save" at "SceneryManager" Tab causes NG to crash
[CHANGE]        SceneryMGR        - Duplicate titles will be found to ensure NG is working correct

--- 30.05.2016 - v1.1.1
[FEATURE]        LiveryManager    - Shows ATC_ID below the Livery Thumbnail
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig        - Save MasterConfig Set crashes in some special cases (Using // and var=value)
[BUGFIX]        General            - "Scheme error" at program start
[BUGFIX]        Scenery MGR        - Adding new sceneries does not cause NG to detect them as "new"

--- 08.05.2016 - v1.1.0
[FEATURE]        CleanDesk        - Start and Stop Scripts implemented
[BUGFIX]        RunManager        - Fileoperation <delete DIR> did not allowed to select a directory.
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - Using External scenery.cfg caused the GUI to crash.
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - Using // at the ConfigSets cause the Program to crash.
[BUGFIX]        LiveryManager    - Show maximum 30 Liveries per aircraft
[BUGFIX]        CleanDesk        - Window resizing
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - ASLAT wrong default value (only if you reset to default)
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - "Autotrim" setting reversed
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - "Enable Automixture" setting reversed
[BUGFIX]        GoogleEarth        - Pro Version not found
[BUGFIX]        Fileoperation    - Modify file operations did not work
[BUGFIX]        General            - SIMstarter NG CTD on startup
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - Startposition does not show if saved flight is selected (caused strange starting position)
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - ORBX New Zealand Region not found
[BUGFIX]        ASN Settings    - Configuration is saving "---" and empty values which can cause strange ASN behavior
[BUGFIX]        Startposition    - Bad characters causing dialog to crash
[BUGFIX]        DiffManager        - Does not assign to every selected ConfigSet
[BUGFIX]        SceneryManager    - Click "Cancel" save dialog cause it to crash
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - UseSystemeTime reset if saved flight selected
[BUGFIX]        ActiveSkyNext    - Path settings for ASN-SE mismatch. ASN options are disabled in this case. (Only if you bought ASN inside Steam)

--- 14.04.2016 - v1.0.3
[BUGFIX]        SceneryManager    - In some cases clicking "Description" and "Required" caused the Manager to crash after reopen.
[BUGFIX]        GoogleEarth        - Exclude path settings for GoogleEarth Export did not work properly.
[BUGFIX]        SceneryManager    - Clicking the Description tab header and saving changes will cause a strange Area priority.
[BUGFIX]        Platformdialog    - In some cases the simulator path was not automaticly detected.
[BUGFIX]        P3Dv3 FXML        - Some saved flights caused "Malformated XML file" if you are using different situation settings.
[BUGFIX]        ASN Manager        - Spelling mistakes
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - Spelling mistakes (german language)
[BUGFIX]        Startposition    - Program crashes if runways.xml is faulty. Crash behavior changed.
[BUGFIX]        Update            - Don't check for internet connection if "Check for updates" is disabled.
[CHANGED]        DebugPack        - Archived logfiles 

--- 08.04.2016 - v1.0.2
[BUGFIX]        MigrationTool    - The migration tool copied all files to .\data\userprofiles\P3Dv3.1 correct path is ..\P3Dv3

--- 07.04.2016 - v1.0.1
[BUGFIX]        General            - Some users had problems with the software activation which is solved now

--- 06.04.2016 - v1.0.0
[ADDED]            General            - Initial Version of SIMstarter NG

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