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Fabian Boulegue

Valencia X by Latinwings Review

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This scenery done by LatinWings Valencia is absolutely amazing. It contains wonderful modelling of 3D (three-dimensional) textures. The detail that the developers (LatinWings) have gone through is immense. This scenery is an absolute work of art. LatinWings modelled the airport itself, and the surrounding terrain and mountains. This makes any departure and arrival out of this airport scenic and wonderful. LatinWings have created other objects such as the city surroundings. The positives of this scenery (mentioned in the list below) is that you can experience wonderful departure and arrival scenery, wonderful and detailed terminal and taxiway textures, fun VFR flights, etc. The cons to this scenery however is its large usage of VAS memory, the fact that you have to use a specific version of SODE (SimObjectDisplayEngine) to use jetways, etc.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.