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Update Airbus X


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Hello, so I am new to Airbus X I bought the product well over a year ago but never really got to using it. I have recently started using it but I want to know how do I install any updates for it? If anyone could shed some light that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance

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Are you using the A320/A321 or A318/A319 version, or the older version? 


If the A320/A321 and/or the A318/A319, then you obtain the latest version in your account (from where you purchased it) and install using THIS PROCEDURE. Also, if you have this version then you're posting in the wrong place... you need to post in the A318/A319/A320/A321 forum.


If you have the older version of the Airbus (I believe it was only the A320) then you already have the latest version and you are posting in the correct place.





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