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Karim Amr

Can't connect with my partner !

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Ok so we had followed most of the tutorials on the forum and on the youtube and we had done the following :

-Forward port 6881 and 6882 on our Routers and checked that it is working

-both at the same place , state and livery

-Set-up hamachi and connected successfully without any peer error

-we both have same bus version (1.31) and same AIRAC

but when start connection as master and turned it on , then he did , he gets CONN ERR.

while i get nothing ! (NOT CONNECTED)

what else can we do ?

BTW he is using P3D while i'am using FSX

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Have you checked the OVPA CFD Troubleshooting guide?  You'll find it pinned to these forums.  The guide will have a few pother things for you to check, including taking a look at your software firewalls / antivirus settings.


Please let me know how you make out!



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