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NavDataPro and Navigraph data comparison


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Hi all,

I have made a comparison of NavDataPro and Navigraph data for the cycle 1605. You will find the information in the document below.

Paper on cycle 1605 (PDF, 490 Mo)

Compact results are :

There are 177312 navaids in JEP-1605 (Navigraph/Jeppesen).
There are 187087 navaids in NDP-1605 (Aerosoft/Lido).

There is a total of 137193 airports in JEP-1605.
There is a total of 157680 airports in NDP-1605.
989 airports are in JEP-1605 only.
3476 airports are in NDP-1605 only.

For more information please consult the paper linked above, as numerical data should be accompanied by qualitative data.

Have a good read !

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Hi, the statements regarding the missing RF-Legs in NavdataPro dataset are partially missleading.


In the LPMA missed approach you clearly see the interpolated RF-Legs for the PMDG NGX. RXXX Waypoints.

What is different to Navigraph is the distance between two fixes where the artificial waypoints are created in between.

This could be lowered so that the number of artificial fixes matches the one from Navigraph.




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Hi Jan-Paul,


your statement is correct I have noticed it. It should be ok to amend my statement regarding the NGX and Navdatapro. But in practical it ends up to the same : the angular distance is not low enough to mimics efficiently RF-legs. It only appears in the missed approach RF-legs in LPMA, which is a rather great radius to fix arc. On smaller ones, there is no RF-legs emulation at all. So the correct statement regarding the NGX would be that IF the angular distance bewtween RXXXX waypoints would be lowered, then RF-legs would be simulated. However, this is the case for the NGX, due to the way its own navigation databank is encoded but it was shown on previously released papers (on AirbusX, MJC8 and EJets v2) that RF-legs were not at all showing. The only add-ons that modell it natively in their navigation databank formats are iFly products. Unfortunately the iFly 747 v2 has never been supported by NavDataPro.

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