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  1. Emanuel, as I am working at LIDO I can say that there is a difference between charts and datas. Datas: ALL published IFR procedures are included in the database. (same coverage as Jeppesen). So SBRJ as example is also included. Charts: Only LIDO customer relevant airports are included.
  2. Sorry thats wrong. The database contains ALL procedures that are published by the authorities. So as long as LTBA stays in the Turkish AIP it will be in the database. As soon as the authorities remove it, it will be gone. The charts however currently only cover the airports that are used by customers.
  3. Geschlossene Airports wird es nicht geben, da sie ja auch in der realen Datenbank nicht mehr vorhanden sind. Es wäre auch gar nicht mehr möglich die Daten für den Flusi nachträglich hinzuzufügen, da die benötigten Informationen (Navaids, Waypoints, Koordinatenangaben) nicht mehr im AIP publiziert sind. Jan-Paul
  4. Hi, I have noticed that on picture 4, there is some mirroring on the door at the green building. Could you please paint the windows all the way down blue without the mirroring until final release. Jan-Paul
  5. + 1: shouldn`t be that hard to implement as you can calculate the remaining distances with the threshold coordinates. Here is an specification from Honeywell describing all (customer) options: http://www51.honeywell.com/aero/common/documents/egpws-documents/raas-documents/SmartRunway_SmartLanding_description.pdf Jan-Paul
  6. Hi Mathijs, the UI should be accessible while the sim continues to run (no pauses). I remember FLY was capable of doing that. Jan-Paul
  7. VATSIM and IVAO will be directly integrated in the sim. There was a statement on the FS-Konferenz from Winfried Diekmann regarding this topic. Jan-Paul
  8. I think that this is not possible in this case. The FMS data disks are very small extracts out of the world wide nav database. Also they are tailored down to the FMC Manufacturer (Honeywell, Colins, Smith) and the airline that uses the data. Not every FMS can interpret all path terminators. For this reason the nav data providers sort out all Terminal Procedures (AF-Legs - DME ARCS for example) that don't work on an specific FMS. As there are only three companys offering a complete worldwide database that satisfy our needs, there are only three options for an navdata base provider:
  9. Hi, another nice feature would be the access to the menus without pausing the sim. As far as I know FLY was capable of doing that. Also apply changes of parameters directly without reloading scenery etc. Jan-Paul
  10. Hi Mathijs, there is a small typo in your first posting I think : It should read "ARINC-424" instead of AIRAC. Jan-Paul
  11. Hi, another major point are updatable magnetic variation datas. The FS9 magvar file dates back to 1996. Now we have 2009. In 13 years the have been significant changes to the magnetic variation. Jan-Paul
  12. Hi, kann es sein dass der Bodenbelag der Taxiways als Bitumen definiert ist? Der Flieger wippt beim Rollen auf und ab. Ist das absicht oder ist das ein Bug? Habe schon versucht das mit AFCAD zu ändern, aber ohne Erfolg. Gruß Jan-Paul
  13. Hi, take a look at Simflight.com http://simflight.com/2009/06/10/outerra-gi...arth/#more-5974 there is a nice Terrain Engine (Outerra). The most important things for me in a new flight simulator are: Realistic Flight Dynamics Realistic Weather and Environment Simulation Sloped Runways Complete and updateable Navdatabase (could be provided by EAG or Lufthansa Systems Flight Nav) Jan-Paul
  14. Hi, der zweite Jetway kommt von AES. Bei deaktiviertem AES ist nur einer zu sehen. Gruß Jan-Paul
  15. Hi, danke für den Fix, habe mich auch schon gewundert warum das ding sich einfach nicht schließen lässt ;-) Sollte man das Thema nicht sowohl im Deutschen als auch im Englischen Forum als Sticky markieren? Gruß Jan-Paul
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