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  1. Solved on Tuesday with some work from the technicians and Jonas doing the interface. Good !
  2. I'd just like to point out that the option to try from another computer is not available thanks to Aerosoft One philosophy, we are obliged to download from the PC on which the simulator is installed, and there is only automatic detection of the installed simulator. On the one hand we cannot add the path manually to help the software, on the other hand, we also cannot download from another PC to try to solve any problem on the master PC. In any case, it's very bad. We've transitioned from instant purchase & install to "maybe next week install". I don't agree with that. I've recognized the help respectfully provided by PM, that's a good point though.
  3. the answer from the support was : Come on, I don't say it is not working on the Aerosoft side, and I thanks to the company for actually answering, for sure, but I could try and try and try and try again until the day of my death, sorry the list of installable scenery does not contain Ben Gurion. The map recognize I have bought it : But the product cannot be installed, I don't have it in the list, in contrast to the support screenshot. So, I'd like to arrange for a refund, then I'll probably buy from other sellers.
  4. Thanks, yes I have it and one other purchased product is already listed,
  5. Hi, I've open a support ticket, but I'd like to draw attention on the fact that I've bought a product yesterday that hasn't been delivered. In the past, buying an X-Plane scenery offered a link in the instant download section of one's personal account at the shop. Now, I was only offered a link to "Aerosoft One" 0.11.0 under my purchase, which is the primary and sole method of retrieving my files from now on. But my newly purchased scenery Ben Gurion XP doesn't figure in the list of available products to install, once installed the "Aerosoft One" software. That's not cool and will certainly prevent me from buying directly from Aerosoft in the future. Just to let people now, as I already open a support ticket. Best regards
  6. Yep, just went to this place to report the problem, charts are unavailable. This is Sunday 1620z
  7. It's also happening at other airports like LFLB.... ON top of that the general SAM manager UI crashes when I try to remove SAM FM extension... 'segmentation error' it says.
  8. Hi the follow-me is crashing XP11 to the desktop. I'm at aerosoft LSGG, I updated today to all current versions of SAM extensions I ensure the apt.cache in Earth Nac Data, was regenerated by SAM, it's crashing. I'll have to deactivate the Follow me extension because it's not reliable in time. Just to let you know. Best regards, 2021.03.13-11.03.02-log.txt apt.cache
  9. Yes, me too, it's crashing. I'll have to deactivate the Follow me extension because it's not reliable in time.
  10. Congratulations on this Chania update ! Finally I can use it ! 🙂 It's well made..
  11. Dear FlyAgi, thank you for your answer. I strongly and firmly believed the native implementation of LR airport traffic is the reliable and sustainable way to go. Now I just read you are embracing this way and this is a great decision from your side.
  12. May we have some more information about that ? I'v looked for information but I'm unable to find a clear synthetic post about it. - I know that Aerosoft is in the process tu update their X-Plane scenery with a new ground traffic plugin, a dev told me. - On the other hand I've read and seen the adaptation made. I remember I also tried to compile that (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/210452-groundtraffic-plugin-for-x1150-vulkan/) on my system, but for some unremembered reason it failed. But it's unclear to me if there is an official release of ground traffic updated, and on top of that, available for GNU/Linux. As a matter of fact, GT has never been available on Ubuntu for me (I removed all instances of the plugin manually), but I didn't care too much, since X-Plane offers it's own native airport traffic, to be drawn in WED. But it might be interesting for some specific sceneries. Does anyone have the full story please ?
  13. Looking forward to a Madeira scenery, I miss it since I trashed Windows/P3D for good....
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