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  1. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/149683-old-charts-still-displayed/ In the topic above, I underlined old and new charts were both displayed. Now it's solved it appear. Just a follow-on so that you know.
  2. Still happening. :-) just to let you know. MPTO is all doubled for instance with outdated charts.
  3. Maybe the rotate function would be nice. Still for android it's a big step forward.
  4. The LIDO output is more spaced, I think we will get the new output soon.
  5. Hi, still occurs, new charts appears along older ones. Seems the automatic filtering process is not quite there...
  6. It is perfect now ! Don't touch it more, its perfect like that ! With tool bar on top and touch scaling without artifact... good job !
  7. Yep, that's the recent change of interface to something sizable on a touch screen that removed the print icon. I guess it was elected to do so because touchscreens were seen as priority over print function I guess. My bet is that the product will evolve and stabilize in the future. For sure, it can be convenient to get a printed copy in front of us.
  8. Mine, with folding charts title. But it's a good move we have a gesture zoom now. They said they are working on it, those stuff were not expected by Aerosoft, I am sure they will succeed in working it. I would go back to the good old pdf if I were them, unless geolocation on chart is selected active by the user.
  9. Zzzzzzz means its the visual part where you would better avoid sleeping (zzzzzzz). It's in the new Lido package.
  10. And at LYBE, like in every place with updated charts in December 2019, older IAC are still displayed. Its true with all categories because for instance at LFPO outdated text pages are also still displayed.
  11. LTAC and LTAD also. It seems when you push updated charts, it doesn't remove outdated ones.
  12. Hi, A database cleaning seems required maybe. I have found two airports where several versions of the same IAC are displayed, the old version along the current version of the chart. That happen with all IAC plates at LTBS and and with RNAVGNSS charts at CYVO. What happened ? Best regards.
  13. Ah ? Nothing is easy, but I thought that was not too serious. Why a difference with previous charts then, when it was perfectly readable a few weeks ago... ? It is possible to manipulate pdf fonts, something that can be integrated in your production workflow, like command lines tool. GPL Ghostscript can do a lot of things. Acrobat distiller and cups too. If that helps.
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