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  1. It's N/A now for months... Maybe 4 months or more now.
  2. Oh yes ! I love the current application but, it's surely not mobile. I watch this part of the forum about Charts regularly since years to check if no update was in the works. And... ...finally ! That and LGSA Chania preview, are the best news (in my view of course) since years on Aerosoft forums.
  3. Looks wonderfull. I'm waiting for this airport since 20 years. Two weeks ago I did a photoshoot of the civilian terminal to improve the default Gateway X-Plane airport. At that time I didn't know it was coming in Flight sim. I'd love to see this converted for X-Plane. Note that this is the first time ever that I made such a wish on a forum.. I love how the mesh is reworking the whole Suda peninsula. Great !
  4. Same for me. I am monitoring Chania sceneries since FS2004. I'll be there in a few days. Too bad I fully removed P3d two weeks ago from my disk. At least I have designed the current gateway scenery (X-Plane 11.33+) in XP with my knowledge of the airport and my pictures, trying to be the more accurate possible. I didn't think a scenery of such an airport could be possible, due to restrictions.
  5. Hello. For the Roland radar I prefer 0,-60,340, 340 in order to get the scale text and have weather centered. [VCockpit03] size_mm=340,340 pixel_size=340,340 texture=$DC8_Radar window_size_ratio=1 //gauge00=Radar!DC8_Radar, 0,0,340,340 //gauge01=ASC!MAIN, 0,0, 10, 10, 0* gauge00=RolasnRadar!ORadGauge, 0,-60,340, 340, sweep|beam|icing [VCockpit04] size_mm=340,340 pixel_size=340,340 texture=$Sweep window_size_ratio=1 //gauge00=Radar!DC8_Radar_Sweep, 0,0,340,340 Works like a charm. just srcoll over the "-" hand over the gauge ti turn it ON.
  6. @Cyberstudio What I love is the fact that the airplane is really stable and also easy on the frame rate ! The INS is very well implemented so far. It is really an enjoyable simulation. And like you, I am a more interested in cargo operations ;-)
  7. In the mean time I edited "" to get the INS labels on the overhead back. Not perfect (problem with the screws) but better ;-)
  8. Thank you sir for your fast reply. I overlooked it in the documentation. It was "1. INS selector switch. Position determines which INS unit will drive the autopilot." (page 13 of the manual). However,when OVERHEAD LTS WHITE is ON, the text on the panel of that switch is erased ! We cannot read any label,while they are there on day time condition !
  9. Hello, I cannot find it in the manual... a chapter about the relationship between the AUX channel of the autopilot and the dual INS installation. If I want to drive the AP from left-hand side INS only, or from right-hand side INS only, how is that possible ? We could imagine having autosequencing on left INS til the last waypoint, then switch the AP coupling to the right INS... Best regards,
  10. Never mind - it seems to be fixed with a new complete reinstall along with dropping the modified elec.xml from this thread into the panel. I also applied the new logic.xml. Works fine so far !
  11. In other words, I cannot start engines in1.02 without TOGGLE_MASTER_STARTER_SWITCH at each start ;-)
  12. Hi, adding the following in the elec_main.xml would be correct ? <!-- Default Starter switch forced on --> (A:GENERAL ENG STARTER, bool) 0 == if{ (&gt; K:TOGGLE_MASTER_STARTER_SWITCH) }
  13. Hi, mycharts says for TERTO1F, after TERTO you have to fly the radial 221° Inbound of 115.2 LZR. The radial 221° to LZR, in other words. (that's the radial 041 from LZR). So on the HSI,you should set the radial inbound of 221.
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