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Confused in Final checklist

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Can somebody please clarify me a couple of things about the Final checklist?


1) In th Step-By-Step manual, ch. 5.20, it says: The Final CL activation now is “independent” from the activation of the MCDU – PERF – APPR mode activation. The FINAL checklist will be automatically started under the following conditions:
• Distance to runway > 30 NM
• Flight path is >90 degrees compared to the runway course


But later on point 237 it says: The FINAL CL automatically will be started if the APPR mode has been
• Manually activated by the user (MCDU – PERF - APPR page) or
• Automatically at the Deceleration Pseudo Waypoint ...


Which one is the correct one? When will the C/L automatically start? (I'm asking also because often I forget something, in most cases to activate the Approach fase in the MCDU which  believe is a condition to start the Final C/L)


2) I'm not sure to understand the first condition stated above: distance > 30NM and flight path >90 degrees. What does it mean, especially the last one? What happens if I am already aligned with the runway, or however coming from the same angle, so that my flight path is << 90 degrees? I guess I am misunderstanding the issue, but I can't imagine other meanings of "flight path" and runway course




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