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minimum enroute altitude problem in vs 1.26

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i just installed version 1.26 and I'm getting an error i never got before..


I created a route lszh-lsgg. PFPX  gives an error for each these 3 waypoints :  lszh-lsgg Altitude at  ULMES,(BADEP and ROTOS) (19000ft) is below the minimum enroute altitude (20000ft).


I tried editing them and hit apply but i still get a warning when I want to release  the flight .



How do i fix all this ?



Thanks !

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I got the same sort of warning on a flight, KEGE-KDEN that I haven't seen before;


KDEN-KTFG: Altitude (8000 ft.) is below Grid MORA (12100ft.)


KFTG was alternate airport on this flight and FP to alternate was auto-selected with "find".

I wouldn't have thought the auto-find would create a route that wouldn't work??? Or is this normal and up to pilot to note warning and adjust;ie different alternate, edit course?

I am also on navigraph airac 1604



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That is a different issue to the OP's post Dave,


Grid MORA data was actually introduced in v1.23 and what your seeing is a warning that your altitude at that point is below the Minimum Off Route Altitude, if you remain on the planned route there shouldn't be an issue.



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1 hour ago, dawgfan58 said:

I'm also having this issue. Flight is Zurich to Montreal in the 77W. 


For some reason your not getting the climb at LASUN which I get here and hence your below the available airway flight-level:

           ROTSI UM164 BRY UM729 AMODO/N0478F380 UM729 RESMI UN491 LGL UN502
           JSY UN160 NAKID UN84 LULOX/M084F380 DCT LIMRI NATF 53N020W/M083F390
           NATF 54N040W/M083F400 NATF RIKAL N440A YRI/N0487F400 J563 YSC V300
           YJN V487 YUL DCT


Possibly V40 holding you down?


EDIT: V40 is the reason with max FL195

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