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Sea Hawk


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I'm trying to configure my Saitek X45 for helicopter flying, specifically the Aerosoft SeaHawk. I'm new to FS helicopters and could use some help.

I'm using FSUIPC 3.70 without any Saitek sw/drivers installed.

Q: What Axis is the Collective assigned to? Throttle or Propeller Pitch?

Q: The Boxer has an automatic throttle, do all FS helicopters link the throttle and collective together?



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Hi John,

The collective in FS helicopters is set to the throttle axis. Propellor pitch is used for engine power setting.

Most modern helicopters are fitted with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system, through which the engine power is adjusted automatically with respect to the load on the engines from moving the collective. I think (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) that all the Blackhawk/SeaHawk family are FADEC equipped.

That's a slightly simplistic answer, but my background is fixed, not rotary, wing outside FS. I hope it helps, though.


Ian P.

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