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  1. Thanks Oliver, That worked. I just activated it through AESHelp. Best regards, Ian P.
  2. Sorry to drag this one up from the past, but I've just installed Holiday Airports (from simMarket), upgraded AES to 2.09 (I was running 2.07) and am having exactly the same problem. Yet when I try to click on the link to the solution as posted by Oliver above, I am given a forum error message: The same happens whether I try to view just the thread number, or the thread number with the direct link to the post. Has that thread been superseded and removed, or is the information from it posted anywhere else? I've tried a number of searches and just keep finding links to the same thread. All the best, Ian Pearson.
  3. Oh, now don't get me started on versions of a B205 that I want!!!! OK. I'll limit myself to two. One possible, one probably not so... A Dust-off Huey H is the possible one. An earlier 'B' model or similar, probably less so. A 'clean' slick model would do me fine, however... Looks superb. Ian P.
  4. When they say it used to be an Air Force Base (it was actually Army Air Corps, not Air Force, but hey... ) that was in an era when the hottest fighters around were things such as the inter-war biplanes and the Curtiss P-40 Hawk series - not F-16s, F-15s or even F-86 Sabres. It considerably pre-dates the jet era and I rather suspect that apart perhaps from a very lost Harrier, no military jet has ever landed there. If anyone has proof otherwise, however, I'd love to see it! Ian P.
  5. This is the only bit I can comment on, but are you parking close to a fuel pump? There's a known bug in FSX which makes doors slam shut as soon as the open animation finishes when you are within the refuel box. :? Cheers, Ian P.
  6. 12 is something I've seen before and chuckled about on several models including the default C172SP. Not sure why it happens, but it's almost definately an FS thing and not specific to the Twotter... Which I don't have yet to say whether I see it on that or not! Ian P.
  7. Hmm... Hang on... Maybe that's one for your missions guru(s) Mathijs? Land the float Twotter on a rig on top of a car rather than the Beaver on a trailer? Ian P.
  8. My wife has a FIAT, but it's a Grande Punto, not a 500... I doubt I'd convince her to buy a 500, FIAT failed with their advertising bombardment, but I'm sure she'd let me buy an amphib Twin Otter instead... I'm just being evil, aren't I? :twisted: Ian P.
  9. Two new minis would cost more than a new Twotter!!! Ian P.
  10. But I never did get my amphib... [loud rumbling noises from The Dark Corner...] :twisted: Ian P.
  11. I was trying to avoid jumping onto this thread, as Nick hears enough of my begging for Twotters, but unfortunately - for me - an amphib is an essential part of the package for what is, essentially, a bush aircraft. The vast majority of my bush flying is done around lakes, then out to regional airports. What's the point in me having a bush bashing aircraft, if I can't land it at the places I need it to operate at? Cheers, Ian P.
  12. Hi Bill, Unfortunately you're asking this in the wrong place... You might find more help on a more general site than the Aerosoft product support forums. Try for starters! Cheers, Ian P.
  13. I'll be honest... I used the keyboard shortcuts to activate the autopilot when I was doing the Hawaiian Checkout mission in the G1000 Mooney. It's the only time I've ever flown it - not a fan of the MS G1000 and not a fan of the Mooney! I'll probably equip the steam cockpit version with 3rd party gauges at some point. Similar to Rich's story, I was up flying with an instructor in a C152 about ten years ago - it was actually intended to be a practice for my GFT - when the visibility unexpectedly went from about 30NM to less than 10. Fortunately, we were talking to a Birmingham Approach controller at the time, even though we were clear of her airspace, and when I set up a 1000' orbit around a town to try and get a landmark (we hoped it was Warwick, our turning point. It wasn't, although I can't remember where it was now), she called us up and asked where we had intended to turn. "Warwick." "You missed it. Stand by. Try a heading of 030 for about five minutes and report the racecourse in sight. Is the visibility really that bad down there?" Birmingham VFR approaches suddenly started landing with a slight tailwind (about 2Kts) on 15, rather than 33. We found Warwick and then tracked the NDB back to what was then Halfpenny Green (now Wolverhampton). One interesting thing is that the particles in the air that caused the problem were actually sand being carried from the Sahara by an extremely high pressure zone... Which produced massive amounts of static electricity and would have played havoc with GPS signals! Ian P.
  14. I was talking to someone at another site recently, who found a commercial download of a G1000 that was designed for FS9, but worked in FSX, which had a lot more functionality than the default and seemed to have a lower frame rate overhead. They said they were working on an FSX update, but I now can't find the product or the thread we were discussing it on. One of the reasons I dislike the modern glass cockpits is the fact that in a glance, they don't actually provide all the information a "steam" cockpit did. They provide a lot more navigation information (but not more than something like a decent Skymap or GNS GPS does - only larger), but to get to the engine information which was available in a glance in our steam-pannelled "new" C172SP at SAC, I would now have to change pages on the second display, then change back. I prefer being able to glance sideways, thanks, without having to take my hands off the yoke and throttle when flying an accurate 3d flightpath through turbulent cloud. Out of preference, the one gauge I would really like back in FSX is the RXP Sandel Nav Display (Mathijs... Market opening! FSX Sandel gauges and Skymap GPSs! ) which means I can keep all my "at a glance" engine information, etc. yet still have the improved situational awareness of modern nav displays. Ian P.
  15. What they said... Actually, Cessna dropped the steam cockpit a couple of years ago now. I'm actually going to miss it, old stick in the mud that I am! 8) Ian P.
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