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  1. This will be a nice add-on. Are you going to have some seasonal scenery - like snow, how about some ski slopes with animated skiers? I'd like to also say that I'd love to see a FS9 version, I'm still a good year away from moving to FSX and a new PC. John
  2. I'm trying to configure my Saitek X45 for helicopter flying, specifically the Aerosoft SeaHawk. I'm new to FS helicopters and could use some help. I'm using FSUIPC 3.70 without any Saitek sw/drivers installed. Q: What Axis is the Collective assigned to? Throttle or Propeller Pitch? Q: The Boxer has an automatic throttle, do all FS helicopters link the throttle and collective together? Thanks John
  3. sel2002

    Cheyenne Forum

    Thank you sir, thats the place I was looking for. John
  4. sel2002

    Cheyenne Forum

    Can anyone tell me the link for the Cheyenne forum? I had to rebuild my system and lost my old bookmarks. Thanks John
  5. Or, use the mouse wheel. It seems to work for the generator switch but not for the ignition or lights. PATCH REQUEST: Maybe the designers could add mouse wheel functionality in a future patch? Consistency would be helpful.
  6. Thank you. Although, I was under the impression from the aircraft's documentation that the Aerosoft forum was the place to ask these questions. If Carenado or Digital Avation have any Weight and Balance information, I would sure like a copy. John
  7. I am really enjoying my Carenado C206 and Aerosoft Cheyenne's. Is the weight and balance information available for these aircraft? These would be nice to have to do some pre-flight planning. Thanks, John
  8. Never mind. The NAV/GPS switch needs to be in the NAV mode for the glideslope to indicate. :oops:
  9. Yes, I've sent two eMails to Carenado. The StationAir manual however, does list Aerosoft as the place to go for product support. Both the Aerosoft and Carenado logo's are on the StationAir CDROM case. Haven't got an official response from either yet.
  10. Yes, of course I'm using the ILS frequency, Localizer workers - glideslope doesn't. I tested it again tonight Ketchikan, Alaska ILS/DME-1 RWY 11 approach. Localizer Freq: 109.3 Again, On the HSI I have a localizer indication that works but no glideslope indicator. There is a INOP red-white bar on the left side of the HSI where you would normally see a glideslope needle. In the realworld this means the glideslope component of the ILS approach has failed. Is not one else having this problem? John
  11. Still having this glideslop issue. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Since the new FSUIPC 3.7 allows configurations specific to the airplane, I guess what I will have to do for the Cheyenne is disable the two condition levers and deal with their functionality via the mouse. This is a bit of a disapointment - If I can figure out a way to configure it with the levers I'll let you know. Does this occur on all 4 versions of the Cheyenne? I noticed that the Cheyenne II XL has condition levers the have cuttoff, low idle, high idle and not just on / off, does the II XL have the same problem? Thanks for your help John
  13. I have just received the Carenado StationAir CDROM which includes several models inclduing a cargo and amphibian version. So far I've just been flying the amphibian, and I have been very impressed with this aircraft. I have noticed that the Glideslope INOP flag is showing on the HSI, and I have yet to capture the a glideslope - I've tried at several fields. The localizer works fine, glideslope is always INOP. Has anyone else experienced this? John
  14. Alexander If you are having trouble with the CH TQ...are you using FSUIPC to configure it? The TQ should have been able to accomodate the On - OFF functionality of the Cheyenne's Condition levers. Using FSUIPC it is easy enought to configure that type of behavior. This is a bit of a dissapointment...perhaps this can be fixed in a future patch? As it is right now it looks like I have to disable my condition lever axis in FSUIPC and use the mouse to shutoff or turn on the condition levers. John
  15. I'm sorry guys this just does not make sense. Perhaps I incorrectly called the levers, 'mixture levers', on turbines they should be called condition levers. I am referring to the two right most, red tipped levers on the engine popup panel. The Cheyenne has got two throttles, two prop levers and two condition levers. My condition levers are stuck in the full forward position, though ocassionally, and with no input from me the lever will drop down and then quickly move to the top again. Again, the Cheyenne is not responding to the movement of the CH Throttle Quadrant's two right most (con
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