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NAV 2 audio not working?

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When I set a nav-2 frequency and press the push-button for nav-2 on the audio panel, I don't seem to get any audio. Nav 1 works fine.

Can someone confirm that, or is it just me?


Not a biggie, of course. Just wondering.

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It works but you have to press the button on the audio panel and click the button labelled 'pull ident' on the NAV2 radio.


You will note for NAV1 you also have to click the ident button on the GNS530 - the difference is the NAV1 button on the audio panel is on by default.


These are my Lua (LINDA) functions.


function SPK_NAV2_ON()
    ipc.writeLvar("L:Nav2_Ident", 1)
    ipc.writeLvar("L:ICS_VOR2", 1)

function SPK_NAV2_OFF()
    ipc.writeLvar("L:ICS_VOR2", 0)
    ipc.writeLvar("L:Nav2_Ident", 0)


As you can see you need to poke two different Lvars. Pushing the panel switch in the VC sets the 'ICS_VOR2' variable, pushing the 'ident' button sets the other one. For NAV1, the ident Lvar is actually called 'GPS_Com1_Ident', not 'Nav1_Ident'.

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