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Fabian Boulegue

How to request support

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With this post we want to help you to find out what is the right way to contact our support.

We offer several ways to contact our support, lets first list them:

Ticket Support
Forum Support
Chat Support
Phone Support

These are the regular ways to get in touch with us, but some of these are used for different matters.

Ticket Support

The Ticket Support is the main way to contact us. You have to options two do so. First, you can create a ticket in our Support Center. You'll be asked some questions that help us to solve your problem faster. If your not familiar with that kind of forms you also can simply write us an eMail to support@aerosoft.comWe always try to get back with a answere within 24h (Mo-Fr and within 48h Fr-Sun)

The Ticket Support is for all kind of technical and activation questions.

Forum Support

The Forum support is similar to the Ticket Support, but more people, such as our moderators and other forummebers, are able to help, so if your run into a problem like "I'm unable to understand the aircraft" or need help on "how to fly the aircraft", etc. (so non technical questions), the Forum is the right place for you.

Feel free to ask anything, but please take a look at the forum structure and find the right place to place your question.

Chat Support

The Chat Support is the place you can jump right in at the "right bottom corner of your screen" this support will deliver answeres in live time when it is staffed.
When the chat is not staffed (outside of our officehours) questions asked there will be forwarded into our Ticket Support and replied to by eMail.

Please make sure this Support Chat is only for non-technical questions, so if you have problems with your Account, or you want to ask a question before you buy a product or anything like that this is the fastest way to get in touch.

Phone Support

Our Phone Support is limited to following times Mo-Fr 9:00-12:30 and 14:00 - 16:00 CET (only avaible in german and english). 
+49 (0)2955 7603-11  

The phone support can only help you with questions about installation or activation of our products, most other problems will be asked to submit a ticket.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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