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  1. Hello, the following Boeing 767 (FlightFactor) Updates are available. Aerosoft Customers can download the Updates via their Aerosoft Shop Account as new fullversions. Boeing 767 Professional Extended AS14529 New version: 1.3.14 Boeing 767 Professional Global Package AS14844 New version: 1.3.14 Boeing 767 Professional Modern Avionics + Boeing 767 Professional Avionics Upgrade AS14843 + AS14842 New version: 1.3.14 Boeing 767-300 ER Professional AS13747 New version: 1.3.14 !!!THIS UPDATE IS FOR XP11 ONLY. WILL BREAK XP10 PLANE!!! note: intermediate versions not present in the changelog were beta or not public versions Changes Version 1.3.14: - made FLCH & VNAV_SPD ap modes sensitivity lower - a little retuned autoland to avoid possible long landing - use AMD video driver >= 20.10.1 to avoid possible displays flickering on AMD video cards - changes the EEC button lamps - changed brake temperature logic - some fixes for lights and marching ants issues - fixed the apu door animation - fixed problems with Cross-Feed/Fuel Balancing - fixed cleaning EICAS Messages "AFT FUEL X-FEED"/"FWD FUEL X-FEED" - fixed some issues in failure scenarios logic and UI - fixed reflections of eicas displays - fixed speed trend vector in FPDS avionics - fixed unexpected engines shutdown on loading in-sim situations like on-approach with in-sim engines running checkbox checked - fixed wrong F speed calculation for 767-300 for flaps 1
  2. Hello, the small Island Mayotte Pamandzi with the Airport Dzaoudzi Pamandzi Intl. (FMCZ) is now available with our shop. More infos you find on our productpages: English Productpage Deutsche Produktseite
  3. Hello, FlyLogic has released the Airport Altenrhein now for X-Plane 11. It is now available with our Shop. More infos you find on our productpages: English Productpage Deutsche Produktseite
  4. With their latest expansion Stairports Sceneries have created another beautiful airport scenery for X-Plane 11. This scenery depicts an extremely detailed recreation of Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport located 4 miles east northeast of downtown Moncton. Moncton is one of the three major urban centers in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The scenery features a highly detailed recreation of the airport with a custom colored orthophoto and seasonal textures. Custom taxiway signage as well as custom approach and taxiway lights provides the final touch. Thanks to additional PBR textures for the ground and objects plus custom animations for the jetways and service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required), there is nothing left to interface with the realistic simulation flight experience. Additionally, there are also special winter animations like engine covers on the static aircrafts and taxi light flag markers. Features: Detailed recreation of the real Greater Moncton Airport 4K PBR textures for objects and ground Custom approach and taxi lights and signs Custom static aircrafts reflecting common real-world traffic Custom colored orthophoto including height effect Animated jetways (SAM plugin required) Animated service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required) Custom Follow Me vehicle (SAM FollowMe required) Seasonal textures (SAM plugin required) Special winter animations like engine covers on static aircrafts and taxi light flag markers
  5. Hello, the following addon has been updated to version 1.03: Bell 407 XP11 for X-Plane 11 New version: 1.03 Version 1.03 - Added Vulkan compatible DreamEngine - Fixed VR_config error message - Fixed opaque baskets ****** Next update 1.1 will bring new SmartMenu with Vulkan and VR compatibility ******
  6. Hallo, die neue SAM2 Erweiterung von Stairport Sceneries "SAM FollowMe" ist im Shop verfügbar. Es wird ein installiertes SAM2 Base Plugin, welches über die SAM2 Suite installiert werden sollte, benötigt. Mit der SAM2 Suite könnt ihr auch den FollowMe installieren und aktivieren. Vom eigenen Aerosoft Shop Konto (Sofortdownloads) wird dann nur eure eMail und der Key für das FollowMe Plugin benötigt.
  7. Don't get lost on any airport by using SAM FollowMe service to guide you to your parking position. Select your favorite parking spot and follow the vehicle in either realistic or user-friendly driving mode to your destination. Using an intelligent routing logic, it will guide you along the default taxi network, even on default airports. Furthermore, a 3D marshaller will ensure that you will park at the correct spot. Features: FollowMe Guidance Service on all (even default) airports Compatible with any default or 3rd party aircraft 5 different animated vehicles, depending on the airport/region Realistic driving behavior (acceleration, braking etc.) along default taxiway network 2 different operation modes: Target speed with automatic distance tracking, acceleration and deceleration (default) Fixed distance according to user aircraft speed (user friendly) Intelligent routing + parking entry logic 3D Marshaller for final parking position guidance Custom scenery support: Custom vehicle objects can be included Scenery marshaller will be overwritten automatically
  8. Hello, now the new DHC-2 Beaver - DGS Series from Thranda is available with our store. December / 15 / 2020: The Version 1.0 ist updateable to V1.1(with Floats and Amphibian) with the SkunkCrafts Updater. Also Customers can download the new fullversion via their Aerosoft Shop Accounts. productpage (english shop) Produktseite (deutscher Shop) DGS = Dynamic Generation Series . This allows the user to change many variants (cockpit, throttle quadrant, aircraft identification , etc.) himself. An extra class addon from Thranda ..... More information can be found on the product page.
  9. Hello, the FlightFactor addon A320 Ultimate has been updated to version 1.1.5 - Fixed: XPlane crash when CEF installed on MAC OS Customers can download the new fullversion via their Aerosoft shop account (Instant Downloads).
  10. Hello, the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter was updated to V 1.2. Existing customers can download the new full version via their Aerosoft Shop account. Later updates can be done with the SkunkCrafts Updater. SkunkCrafts Updater Registration in the x-plane org forum required.
  11. Hello, The Adventure Pack of the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter is now available in our Shop. product page The Adventure Pack requires an installed PC-6 Turbo Porter V 1.2 Both products can be updated with the SkunkCrafts Updater for future updates. You can get the SkunkCrafts Updater here (registration required).
  12. Hello, the addon ToLiss - Airbus A321 for XPlane 11 has been updated. AS14954 New version: 1.10 New file name: TOLISS_AIRBUS-321_V110_AS.zip Customers can download the new fullversion via their Aerosoft Shop account (Instant Downloads). Major new features: - Sound system fully transitioned to FMOD sounds including new sounds such as door opening/closing, electric hydraulic pump, brake fans, and many more - Joystick command support for TCA Sidestick and Thrust levers - Addition of the Bottom of Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators - Added simplified rain effects that also work under Vulkan/Metal - Complete rework of PFD and ND drawing to improve representation accuracy and drawing performance (time required to draw cut in half on our test platform) - Complete rework of the RAD NAV page, including custom VOR and NDB reception and decoding routines, appropriate ID vs frequency NavAid tuning and FMGS messages when performing manual ILS overrides. - Big improvements to the SmartCopilot support: Both sides can brake, sidestick inputs are used simultaneously with Airbus style input priority logic, Popup MCDU is now useable Minor new features: - Added Stay-out zone for IAE engine on ground - Adapted TCAS to new XP11.50 interface - now supporting up to 63 other aircraft - Adapted TCAS to not issue alerts when flying parallel approaches, e.g. in KSFO - Fine tuning of engine start timing to better reflect the differences between CFM and IAE engine - Fine tuning of engine auto ignition logic - Activation does not required aircraft reload anymore - Idle factor on MCDU status page can be used to stretch or shrink the descent - INIT page values CRZ TEMP and TROPO enter into the vertical FMGS predictions - The pilot can now overwrite the ALTN fuel on the MCDU INIT B page - Added functionality on OHP maintenance panel, like Blue pump override and FADEC ground power - Main landing gear compression sounds are now faded in accordance with 3d sound fading option - Improved flight phase logic for serial traffic circuits with full stop landings in between. Bug fixes: - Improved landing gear strut absorber deflections for more realistic ground attitude - Fixed SD page displayed after landing after engine shutdown - it's back to DOOR/OXY as it should be - Reduced time to disarm slides after landing when engines shut down and beacon off. - Fixed numerous replay issues - Fixed ISI reset issue on power transients - Fixed TCAS panel CLR button behaviour - Fixed cockpit brake pedal animations. - GPWS does not issue glide slope warning anymore, unless you are on a ILS approach. - LAND ASAP is now displayed above secondary failures, as it is in real life. - Fixes to automatic SD page selection logic when ENG mode selector is set to IGN. - Improvements to the display logics of the MCDU flight plan page. - Corrected load assignments between generators to avoid generating power out of nothing. - 3d cockpit model fixes - Display of minima in the FMA now starts at 250NM from destination even when in phase cruise - Improved Glide Slope tracking performance - Improved GPWS mode 2 performance to reduce occurance of false warnings - Fixed behaviour of FIX INFO page when two radials are entered and the first radial is cleared - When copying the active FPLN into the SEC FPLN, the SEC FPLN page is now called automatically - In DES phase, when extending flaps or slats, the managed speed target remains unaffected now, as it should - When moving the thrust levers into reverse prior to touch down, the associated ECAM warning now self-clears upon touch-down - Speed target in GA phase reduced to Green dot (rather than 250kts/CI speed) - During TO, in SRS mode, the magenta bug now remains on the V2 mark, but the AP controls pitch to achieve a speed between V2+10 and V2+20 when all engines are operating - KEDW is now available as an airport again.
  13. Hello, the LXGB Gibraltar Airport from SkylineSimulations is available with our Shop. Productpage
  14. Hello, The ToLiss A319 was updated in our store and our existing customer accounts. Existing customers can download the new full version via their Aerosoft Shop account. ToLiss - Airbus A319 - XPlane 11 Version: 1.5.1 File name: TOLISS_AIRBUS-319_V1P5P1_AS.zip Greeting Heinz
  15. Hello, now the Reality Expansion Pack (SimCoders) for the JustFlight PA-28 Turbo Arrow III/IV is available with our shop. X-Plane 11 only. Productpage Required is an installed (up to date) X-Plane 11 and the installed PA-28 Turbo Arrow III/IV Greets Heinz
  16. New global SAM extension by Staiport Sceneries and ShortFinal Design. Currently in Beta test Feature List: Worldwide replacement for default static and animated airport vehicles 3 high definition vehicle sets: North America, Europe and Asia Full use of PBR texturing for the best visual experience Regional system applies vehicles depending on each airport in realtime Create custom vehicle paints and add it to any airport Add custom vehicle objects to any scenery package https://press.stairport-sceneries.com/20200911_XP_AirportVehicles/press_XP-AirportVehicles.pdf
  17. Hello, the new Stairport SAM2 Airport Verhicles for X-Plane 11 are available in the store. This is a SAM2 extension which represents new vehicle sets depending on the region at many airports. Also own vehicle paintings are possible. Required is an installed SAM2 plugin: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/151811-sam-suite/ product page Greeting heinz
  18. Version v1.57


    ENGLISH: This is Hartenholm (EDHM). My "home airport". v1.57 for X-Plane 11.40 or higher. I built it as a pure library based airfield with the World Editor (WED) The buildings and objects are all used from different libraries and thus do not conform 100% reality. But all objects are in the right places and are as close to reality as possible with library objects. Furthermore, I have tried to give the airport a "real" look. Installation and infos: Please read the Hartenholm-readme-xp11.txt (included in the zip downloads). Have fun with the airfield.... and the FlyIN and the new Precision Flying Addon. More infos with the forum... https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/538-new-releases-and-updates/ Now SAM Seasons (Stairport Sceneries) compatible: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141662-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation/ Greets Heinz Flichtbeil December 2019 --------------------------------------------------- GERMAN: Dies ist Hartenholm (EDHM). Mein "Heimatflugplatz". v1.57 für X-Plane 11.40 oder höher. Ich habe ihn als reinen Baukastenflugplatz mit Hilfe des World Editor gebaut. Die Gebäude und Objekte stammen alle aus verschiedenen Libraries und entsprechen somit nicht 100%ig der Realität. Sie befinden sich aber an den richtigen Plätzen und sind so nahe an der Realität, wie mit Library Objekten möglich. Weiterhin habe ich mich bemüht, dem Flugplatz ein "reales" Flair zu verleihen. Installation und Infos: Bitte die Hartenholm-readme-xp11.txt lesen (ist im Download enthalten und in deutsch und englisch abgefasst). Viel Spaß mit dem Flugplatz EDHM, dem FlyIn und dem Ziellande Addon. Mehr Infos zum Ziellande Addon im Forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145516-ziellande-szenerie-in-albertville-lfka-stpeter-ording-edxo-und-hartenholm-edhm/ Jetzt SAM Seasons (Stairport Sceneries) kompatibel: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141661-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation/ Heinz Flichtbeil / Dezember 2019
  19. Version v1.06


    ENGLISH: This is Albertville (LFKA). Version 1.06 only for X-Plane 11. I built the airfield as a pure library based airfield with the World Editor (WED) The buildings and objects are all used from different libraries and thus do not conform 100% reality. But all objects are in the right places and are as close to reality as possible with library objects. Furthermore, I have tried to give the airport a "real" look. It is compatible only with the X-Plane 11 std. Terrain and the HD Mesh V4 of alpilotx and the SAM Seasons Plugin and Library form Stairport Sceneries (for.ex. Deep Winter...). Installation see included Readme. Greets Heinz Flichtbeil December 2019 December 2019: SAM Seasons compatible https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141662-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation/ June 2019: additionally with the Addon : Precision Landing v 01.05 See infos with our forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145517-precision-landings-in-albertville/ --------------------------------------------------- GERMAN: Dies ist Albertville (LFKA). Version 1.06 nur für X-Plane 11. Ich habe den Flugplatz als reinen Baukastenflugplatz mit Hilfe des World Editor (WED) gebaut. Die Gebäude und Objekte stammen alle aus verschiedenen Libraries und entsprechen somit nicht 100%ig der Realität. Sie befinden sich aber an den richtigen Plätzen und sind so nahe an der Realität, wie mit Library Objekten möglich. Weiterhin habe ich mich bemüht, dem Flugplatz ein "reales" Flair zu verleihen. Er ist kompatibel mit dem X-Plane 11 Standard Terrain und dem HD-Mesh V4 von alpilotx und dem SAM Seasons Plugin von Stairport Sceneries (z.B. deep Winter...). Installation siehe beiliegende Readme (Deutsch und Englisch). Heinz Flichtbeil / Dezember 2019 Dezember 2019: SAM Seasons Plugin / Library kompatibel. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141661-samv2-scenery-animation-manager-installation/ Juni 2019: Jetzt mit einem zusätzlichen Ziellande Addon v1.05 Weitere Infos im Forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145516-ziellande-wettbewerb-in-albertville/
  20. Hello, The new UHD Mesh Scenery V4 for X-Plane 11 (not compatible with X-Plane 10) from alpilotX is now available in addition to the HD Mesh Scenery V4. It significantly improves some regions once again. Required: X-Plane 11.05 or higher !! Required harddisk space: about 45 GB (unzipped). We (Aerosoft) have again provided a download server for this. All download links can be found on the page of alpilotX. under "downloads". There is also the installation instruction in English. Service / discussions here again in the Aerosoft forum: LINK Here are the areas covered by the UHD Mesh Scenery V4: Canada West USA West Europe Pyrenees Europe Alps Europe Scandinavia Japan New Zealand Detailed Infos: UHD Mesh Scenery v4 can be seen as a vastly improved version of the default scenery shipping with XP11. It is using/referencing the exact same set of artwork files (textures, object, autogens, forests) which ship with XP11, so you do not need other art assets to be installed while UHD Mesh Scenery v4 will also benefit from any artwork improvements (autogen, texture) coming with future XP11 versions. General Characteristics of UHD Mesh Scenery v4 are identical to those of HD Mesh Scenery v4 (you can read those on its own page). The advantages of UHD Mesh Scenery v4 are: Uses 30m DEM data (instead of 90m DEMs)! Landclass data for some areas (USA West, Europe Alps, Europe Pyrenees, Japan, New Zealand) was re-created with very high resolution (compared to the data used in HD Mesh Scenery v4) resulting in even better landclass representation. The triangle mesh resolution a lot higher than in HD Mesh Scenery v4: this give – obviously – even better representation of the 30m DEM data (slopes, mountains etc.) BUT this also vastly(!) improves the landclass data representation (which in X-Plane is very closely coupled with the triangle size in the mesh). This is most obvious with forest detail. OSM data is updated (its “date stamp” is 10th January 2018) . Which makes it newer than the data in HD Mesh Scenery V4. IMPORTANT to know: 32 GBytes of RAM are highly recommended (64 GBytes are optimal)! Some areas might work with 16 GBytes of RAM too, but without any guarantee... Greets Heinz
  21. Hello the new HD Mesh Scenery Version 4 for X-Plane 11 (not compatible with X-Plane 10) from alpilotX is available. Requirements: X-Plane 11.05 or higher !! And a good Computer This are the regions: - Europe - Northamerika (USA, Alaska, Canada) - South- und central Amerika - Japan - Hawaii and many little Pacific Islands - Australia - Himalaya Many thanks to Andras Fabian (alpilotX) for this extensive work. We (Aerosoft) have also provided a download server for this. All download links can be found on the page of alpilotX. There you find a good installation instruction. Please read it carefully. http://www.alpilotx.net/downloads/x-plane-11-hd-mesh-scenery-v4/ Please only download one file at a time so that as many different users as possible can download it ... Discussions can also be done with our Forum : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/810-freeware-sceneries-meshes/ Have fun downloading. Greetings Heinz
  22. Version 1


    English: Livery N4243C and D-ECHF for the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Classic and/or Original for X-Plane 10. Installation: Copy the extracted folders "HFL-N4243C" and "HFL-D-ECHF" into the folder(s) <X-Plane root folder>\Aircraft\...\vFlyteAir_Cherokee140_O_v...\liveries and/or <X-Plane root folder>\Aircraft\...\vFlyteAir_Cherokee140_C_v...\liveries. Requirements:X-Plane 10.45+ Installed vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Classic and/or Original for X-Plane 10. Have fun with this livery ... Heinz Flichtbeil 2016/July/10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- German: Bemalung N4243C und D-ECHF für die vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Classic und/oder Original für X-Plane 10. Installation: Den Zip Ordner entpacken und die Ordner "HFL-N4243C" und "HFL-D-ECHF" in die Ordner <X-Plane root folder>\Aircraft\...\vFlyteAir_Cherokee140_O_v...\liveries and/or <X-Plane root folder>\Aircraft\...\vFlyteAir_Cherokee140_C_v...\liveries kopieren. Voraussetungen: X-Plane 10.45+ Installierte vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Classic and/or Original für X-Plane 10. Viel Spaß mit dieser Bemalung ... Heinz Flichtbeil, 10.07.2016
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