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  1. Guys, please check your bindings. Having normal fuel flow in showcase cam mode gave me some thoughts about my bindings, since in that cam mode it changes controls interaction. So maybe check, if you have there fuel flow from both center tanks. In my case they were the "increase mixture" and "decrease mixture" for 1 and 2 bindings, which I've set both to the same switch. Only difference was the action type "on press" and "on release".
  2. I'm having the same or at least similiar issue. Aft tank gets drained first. Doesn't matter what position boost pumps or fuel selector are set. Once aft tank is empty only then the forward tank gets used. But what I find really strange is, when I change my camera mode to showcase only then both tanks get used as they should. Also With aft tank empty, left engine dies only, as soon I switch to showcase camera mode. MSFS Steam version. Twin Otter purchased directly from Aerosoft. Checked with only the AS Twin Otter in my mod folder.
  3. So far I couldn't reproduce this issue again. If nobody else experienced the same, this topic can be closed.
  4. Just discovered with version 1.0.1 that the KT76C transponder can't be turned off while DC Master and External or Batterie Power is on. When in off position it turns automaticaly on a soon DC Master and External or Batterie Power are at the same time switched on.
  5. I haven’t tried using GTN750 in a pop-out window mode yet, but I assume it is connected to the 530. This way at least it could be a quick workaround to the default knobs. I will try it later today.
  6. Here is a video for the lights mapping for the Honeycomb Bravo. However I don’t see the switch animation and also don’t see the strobe light in outside view, when mapped to one of my switches on my HOTAS Warthog Throttle. So far it works only via mouse clicking.
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