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  1. Thank you Tom You're correct! Of course. The release notes shown in the updater program do indeed show these as experimental. I think my confusion came from that fact that the release notes in the actual thread here and the thread here do not states that those updates are experimental, nor is it in the thread titles. So, thanks for clearing that up.
  2. So, I've removed and reinstalled the entire A318/9/20/21 family from my computer, rebooted, deleted all the remaining folders, rebooted again, then reinstalled the version from the shop. When I run the updater it says regular and experimental updates are available. When I untick 'experimental updates' from the updater configuration, then run the program again it says 'no updates are available', despite the fact it should show and which are non-experimental updates. Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!
  3. I'm a little confused by this discussion - will this ASN hook in work with Live ASN data? As that's all I use with Active Sky. Also, will I have to put a flightplan into Active Sky for the function to work?
  4. Wow. Steady on guys, you'll be implementing wingflex next Great work!
  5. Thanks! It's just that with the extensive redevelopment I wasn't sure!
  6. Apologies, but I have searched and couldn't find the answer. Will the A318 Professional continue to have a working Steep Approach facility (and button logic) for decent into London City? It's one of the airports I particularly enjoying with the old 'bus package, and one I'm keen to start exploring again with P3Dv4, especially as London area USED to cause me OOM issues previously that are, of course, gone now!
  7. Hi there, Firstly, may I say that like other I appreciate the efforts of Aerosoft in bring their sceneries and planes to P3Dv4. Secondly, I have MA Heathrow and P3Dv3 and I appreciate the use of the jetways patch (a separate file) to maintain the immersion that moving jetways brings. Will the jetway patch be part of the migration to P3Dv4 too? It would be a shame to lose the immersion factor that it brings. KR Simon
  8. Can you link to that thread please? I think we'd all be happy with the xml in docs and I believe that follows the standards laid down by LM.
  9. I've got to agree about the 'documents' install sentiment shown on this thread. I have two folders for P3D. My main P3D install folder, and a separate 'P3D addons' (neither in Program Files). The addons folder then has subfolders for Aerosoft, PILOTs software, etc. To keep the stuff in Documents is less than ideal. For a start, these files aren't 'documents'. Secondly it splits up my addons. But I understand why you want to follow LMs new standards, but can't you just stick the xml in there like other developers have done and let us choose where to put the airbus? Surely that way the installation will persist across P3D installations/uninstallations? Otherwise, really looking forward to the updated buses and appreciate the candor and update.
  10. Very nice! Just FYI, the type of switch you describe as 'push button now' is a 'Momentary Switch'
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