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  1. I just found it under the aerosoft/AFD folder so thanks Daniel! Thanks Alex for the suggestion though........that was where i originally thought of looking but the Munich scenery seems to be the only scenery I have where the afcad isnt in the airport scenery folder!!
  2. No, i do know how to find an afcad as I,ve changed lots of afcads before with ADE but I cant find the Munich scenery afcad. I would just like to know if I am looking in the right place for the afcad and what the afcad file is called.
  3. I just individually opened each file in the programfilesx86/microsoftgames/fsx/aerosoft/magaairportmunich/scenery folder into ADE and ech timeADE saud that each file didnt contain an afcad. I always do that with all the other maga airport sceneries i have and it has always worked. You said it wasnt in the EDDM Folder so where abouts is it? Thanks
  4. I've have just double checked that I checked all the files in Munich scenery folder and none of them seem to be afcad files.
  5. Its the Munich Mega Airport scenery. I have loads of other Mega Airport scenery's and have always been able to find the afcad easily but i cant find it in Munich X.
  6. yeh i no its stupid but i really cant find. ive been down all them and it really doesnt seem to be any of them. ive looked on the internet for it the name but cant find. im kinda at a loss
  7. seriously, no ones knows which file is the munich afcad?? thanks
  8. I cant seem to find the munich afcad.....does anyone know what its called?? thanks
  9. Hi I have London City Airport installed and the scenery is really very nice. However, whenever I load the airport, it always says my aircraft has crashed when it hasn't. Also, there are only ever two passenger AI traffic at the airport even though there should be lots more and whenever a AI plane lands, it just disappears. These problems completely ruin the scenery and I've gotten to the point where Ive disabled it from FSX. Any help is appreciated!
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