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  1. Found it Guys went into Properties and it was set on 256 colors. All better, thanks for the response.
  2. I have Vista NVita 8800GTX video cards. When I start AES help it changes the resolution and says something about cant run in 3d. If I try to run FS9 it crash's.
  3. No I did not try and assign any of my joystick controls I got that message when I clicked on it with the mouse.
  4. I can not set the key stroke to set the brake. I keep getting z-axis. Is there a way to reset the default keys?
  5. Ok did the first two but how do I do the folders in FS9?
  6. I am using AES 1.6. Yes I have gone into FS9 and given all rights to all users. When I start FS9 without admin rights I get the red bar saying reinstall, but when I start FS9 with Admin rights it works. If you could explain how to do this in VISTA maybe I'm missing something.
  7. Ok here is my problem, AES only works when I start FS9 and AES Help as administrator. The problem with that is some other programs do not work in this mode. I am using VISTA Home Premium as my operating system.
  8. When I start AES HELP I get a error reading "Version of FS BGL-Files not fit to AESHelp Version. Reinstall newest Basepack" I have uninstalled and reinstalled many time and still get the same message. Help PLEASE.
  9. I tryied Uninstalling then adding the 1.50 no go. Still same thing as before. I am getting frustrated with this.
  10. that is correct the V1.40 worked like a charm but it's the 1.50 that does not. Also when I start FS9 and go to an airport for AES I get a red Banner that tells me to reinstall 1.50. I tried that and it still does not work. I also have no gates at any of the fly Tampa scenery at all.
  11. I downloaded the AES 1.5 and installed it to my 1.40. I also had bought some credits to add some fly Tampa scenery. But now it tells me Scripting Modules missing on PC, contact support. 1.50 is also not available on the USA and Canada site. I love this product but now I have nothing. Please help. :cry:
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