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  1. Hi, I think it should be useful to get an added panel view for the AP; so far I'm forced to go to the pedestal or leaving the cockpit view to operate the AP switches. regards, Fulvio
  2. Hi Marcon & Mopperle, thanks for your advices; you'll not believe it - and I don't believe it myself -, after clicking on the SODE.off bat, miracolously the jetways were fixed and worked as SODE. After that, I re-opend P3D yesterday and today and nothing changed; all is working properly. Mystery. regards, Fulvio
  3. Hi Mopperle, it's exactly the things I did yesterday. Well, thanks for your advice; I'll retry again. I can't give up! This's the first time it happened such an issue. regards, Fulvio
  4. Hi, unless I made some big mistake, files should be at the proper place (images attached). I re-opened P3D after half a day, but to no avail. regards, Fulvio
  5. Hi Oliver, thanks for your advice, but I run the batch much after P3D was closed - I'm used to look at the TM processes, not the applications - . Well I'll retry right now, with P3D closed since yesterday.
  6. Hi, Just installed the Bergamo updated to the last version. Following the simple instructions to operetae SPODE jetways, I think tehre's something wrong, since two jetways are visible - as per attached images -. Did I miss something or some step? I clicked on the SODE.bat and a window opened, telling me that ev'rything's alright. Thanks for any help, regards, Fulvio
  7. Hi Enrico, I'll try your suggestion. Feedback will follow.
  8. Hi Victory, I'm flying in P3d v4.3; Tomcat version is the last one (3), and the installtion went well. My add-on eather is REX SkyForce 3D+ASP4. regards, Fulvio
  9. After "Engage" and "Vector" (or ctrl+N), you must press Shift+G to activate the AP; this is the same command (Shift+G) when, taxiing, you want to activate the steering wheel movement. Fulvio
  10. Hi, is it normal not to see flying data on the HUD on cloud or/and fog condition? Or am I missing some knob cursor regulation? Thanks for any help, Fulvio
  11. farman

    AP Pop-up

    Hi, I hink it should be very helpful to get another vindow to pop-up the Autopilot. Thanks for any answer, Regards, Fulvio
  12. Hi, thanks for the advice. I've just tested: the controls are:" ctrl+W" (water rudder on/off) for the ladder. When the aircraft is ate rest, the pilots are at the bar for the coffee Shift+W is the control for the launch bar.
  13. Hi, thanks for your valuable and correct advice; actually, disabling the "turbolence" effect, no dancing in the air anymore. Just two more questions; is it possible to 1) operate the ladder by the usual Shift+2 command (if I'm not wrong, I didn't find anything on the manual) and 2) should it be possible, with the plane C&D at the parking, let the plane with the empty cockpit (pilots at the bar for a coffee...). Thanks again for any answer, Fulvio
  14. Hi, happy to fly again the Tomcat in P3D v4. Unfortunately I found the very same issue of the former version. After lots of test flights, in the end on my pc (and on another simmer's one - friend of mine -, with a much powerful high-end machine) this aircraft is flyable and manageable only at the default "Fair weather" setting or less. If I only switch to "Cold fronts", the dances begin; not only, it goes for some moment out of control, making the landings a pain in the neck.. Well, this is just a feedback, since I understand that if this issue has been dragged even in v3, I can't expect anything. Time ago I was been told that the culprit might have been a third party weather engine (in my case AS4); but now I'm flying using the static, default setting. it's a real pity; this software is beautifully made. Thanks for any answer & regards, Fulvio
  15. Well done, I did exactly the same. Copied all the folders, BUTpaste them in the Venice Airport folder I'm used to do with all the airports not native P3D, just to avoid some interference or mistake with some file.
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