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  1. Got my update from simmarket.It,s where I purchased the product.It doesnt have a self install and no install help provided whatsoever in the "read me" file.I assume to get help on this update I have to go thru the hellish process of register the product here. I dont get why Aerosoft does that every time.If you sell this product somewhere else provide everything that is needed like install instructions patches and paint kits for example.Forcing customers to get install support here is a non-sense. Question, does the patch makes the Budapest FSX scenery faster or it,s still the unusable frame
  2. I wish I could imagine how it could look better like Vin here but I can,t..Your first repaint or not, it looks excellent to me. I can,t help you on the prop cones cause I never repainted those yet..If I do came across with that texture part i,ll let you know where is located.
  3. Realy ? Hmm..I did not notice that..let me check... Damn..your right,good catch..Thx for bringing it to my attention .I,m notoriously unreliable with numbers and letters..I,ll upload a correction asap..and I just did ,at SOH..Thx again Yoda.
  4. SOH had some problems .Let them put the library in order and I,ll let you know when it,s available
  5. Sry for the late response..Wow ..holly mother of god you are very talented Marty..Looks awesome..much better than mine, i,m serious..Send me a PM with your mail and i,ll send you all the markings I got for this one..Or get it from here..
  6. No sorry..Sim-outhouse it,s the only place until AVSIM is back up..(if ever)
  7. Uploaded two days ago at sim-outhose library in case you didn,t know and want them..
  8. Don,t have to thank me for the paint.I won,t finish it without a better look at those markings.I can,t read them.You have Photoshop and the kit ? Then it,s all yours . Choose model and correct paint kit for it.Uncheck (make invisible) all layers except the main color and the wire frame...Choose three colors for this aircraft..light blue,dark blue and white...paint the main layer quided by wire frame.place markings..Make the other layer visible one at the time and chose to use what you like , rivets, dirt,lines (adjust blending for those) etc Make invisible the wire frame layer before savin
  9. Yep,very easy to make using the paint kit..it took me about one hour for this one,inspired by your photos..I have no ideea what those "25" stickers look like or what are the writtings on it . You need better pictures for an accurate livery. Give it a try and if you need help let me know .
  10. Thx Mathijs, the link that you gave us to the main page registration doesn,t bring us to that screen u showed above , but to this one wich had the incomplet list..I found the other registration page now. Still think it,s a bit complicated way to acces a paint kit .
  11. I thought you couldn,t find the link to register the product either ..How do you know how the kit looks like ? Did you manage to get it...?
  12. Realy ? Glad to hear that ..you found it under what name ..? How is it listed as ? cause I still don,t see it listed..
  13. Can,t register a product that,s not listed..
  14. Aint this beautiful ? Register to get stuff, can,t register cause the staff is not listed..Nice...
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