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  1. Hello! I see that there is no font for the registration and the selcal but images of letters instead. However they lack their bounding box so what distance should be used between them? Also it is a nightmare to update my ~250 liveries this way. Even using a font it would take hours, but this method is about 10x-20x times slower so it will probably take me months! Maybe did someone make a proper font instead?
  2. I was able to install it as normal user (without Administrator rights). When I tried to install it using "Run as Administrator" no default folder was offered and I got the error on the top.
  3. I just bought the Airbus Professional bundle and I have exactly the same error with the same parameters. Everything is the same. My Windows system is absolutely healthy, everything else works flawlessly. The problem is only with this product. (Two products, actually, but their installers are probably the same.)
  4. This was the first time, and I hope it will not occur anymore. Real-world Airbus pilots confirmed me that this should not happen in normal law and you do not simulate anything else.
  5. Some more information: there was no windshear, at least there was neither anything about windshear in the METAR nor did I get windshear aural+visual warnings. However, I cannot remember the engines spooling up. Neither the sound nor the EPR gauge on the ECAM. Also the rate of climb was very low. An A319 with less than 3t of fuel and a moderate load should skyrocket in TOGA, but it did not. Even without TOGA, just open climb it should achieve a high climb rate. But it only climbed slightly, then it maybe leveled off because of stall protection, but there was no engine power. It seems the throttles (although first in CL, then in TOGA) stuck in approach power mode. That is not enough even for a level flight.
  6. Hello, I fly FS for more than 15 years and I never crashed since a PSS Airbus (which did not have enogh power in TOGA to clear obstacles). However, today a very strange thing happened. Upon approach to EGSS METAR told me 2100m visibility but I could not see the runway. Autopilot changed to ALT mode from G/S at 380’ RA, this was the first strange thing. I went around, TOGA, open climb to 5000’. First it was managed speed, then I set it to 180. However, the speed dropped, the plane stalled and crashed. I could not do anything to increase speed. Should such thing happen in normal law? What did I miss?
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