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  1. Hello, I need help how to properly land the small buses in P3D v4. I had no probelm in FSX, most of my landings where between -100 and -150 fpm. However, with the Airbus Pro series in P3D I can hardly make better than -300 fpm. I tried everything I could think of so far: I tried to land with and without autothrottle, I also tried to increase Vapp from Vls+5 to Vls+10 but nothing did help. Whenever I retard the throttles, the plane immediately falls to the ground. Pulling back the yoke does not help. My speed is far above stall speed. Here are two line from the log of my last f
  2. Hello! I see that there is no font for the registration and the selcal but images of letters instead. However they lack their bounding box so what distance should be used between them? Also it is a nightmare to update my ~250 liveries this way. Even using a font it would take hours, but this method is about 10x-20x times slower so it will probably take me months! Maybe did someone make a proper font instead?
  3. I was able to install it as normal user (without Administrator rights). When I tried to install it using "Run as Administrator" no default folder was offered and I got the error on the top.
  4. I just bought the Airbus Professional bundle and I have exactly the same error with the same parameters. Everything is the same. My Windows system is absolutely healthy, everything else works flawlessly. The problem is only with this product. (Two products, actually, but their installers are probably the same.)
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